Quick & Easy Onesie

Why give away a new pack of onesies when you can cute them up a bit?! These onesie ideas are too easy not to attempt...and you'll walk away a hero. (nevermind how easy they are to make...)

First, make sure to wash and dry all onesies to shrink them before you put anything on them.


You might recognize the square applique shirt I did a while back. You can find those directions here - it's super easy and works up fast. In short, just cut out a square of any fabric, adhere it in place with iron-on adhesive, and stitch around it.


These shirts were made with iron-on transfer sheets. I purchased my images from PC Crafter. I brought them up in a document and printed them out. The pink square was a scrapbooking background that I cut out with pinking scissors. Iron them on the shirts using packaging directions. Make sure to let the image cool before peeling off the paper backing.

(I LOVE the pumpkin onesie, especially on the long-sleeve shirts, paired with a cute pair of baby jeans!)


These shirts are done with a piece of ribbon and iron-on adhesive! (easy, eh?) You can buy iron-on adhesive which is exactly as wide as this ribbon here, making the process super easy. I affixed the ribbon in place with the adhesive, stitched it down, making sure to stitch the ends, as well. So you would start at the top of one end, turning corners, and finishing in the same spot.

For a baby girl, use the same ribbon for a simple hair bow. I'll post some easy instructions on that soon!

Another variation on this technique is that you could do this same thing with a strip of fabric, making a band across the chest, folding, ironing, and stitching it down like the ribbon.

Something else you might want to try is getting some RIT dye, found in the laundry soap section of most stores, and color the onesies before you embellish them.

So now you have NO excuse for showing up to a baby shower with a pack of plain white onesies. I'd love to see pictures of your own versions of these ideas!

6-Pack of onesies=$9.00, making each shirt about $1.50. Free scraps from home - you can save some serious cash and end up with a great gift for someone!


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These are simply adorable!!

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I just saw this. Very cute project!
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Nice selection.!! Those onesis are perfect piece for newborn babies.

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So adorable,How thoughtful too!;0)