I'm Getting Excited!

I'm getting SO EXCITED to decorate and do Valentine stuff! I love the colors and fun, whimsical aspect of Valentine's Day! Last night I had to make cookies for my daughter's girl scout activity and I couldn't resist the Valentine sprinkles I just bought!

And...you know...once January is over, February will be over soon, too, and we're getting THAT much closer to Spring! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I think I need to go outside and scream!!! (but it's too cold...I'll just hold it in...)


Check It OUT!

Hey, I've been published!!! (sort of) A cute girl from Fave Crafts emailed me and asked if I would be a guest contributor and I was so excited!

So this is where it gets funny. (it can never be easy with me, huh?) I started on something really fun and exciting - a bright, cheery banner - (remember I gave you a sneak peek) and then being the typical dumb blond that I am, I got the project ALL BUT FINISHED when I realized that I had my lettering backwards on the reverse side! (I'm doing a 2-sided banner) haha! I laughed, cried, and I had to call Kadie and my mom in order to prevent me from injuring myself!!! There I was, writhing on the floor, clawing my way up to the counter in agony so I could reach a Dove Dark Chocolate! I'm totally over it now, but SO much stitching and work had been done and now has to be un-done in order for me to finish this adorable, darn thing!

Sooooooo - I have a lot of un-picking to do today but I had to get something to the Fave Crafts girl, so I put this monogram frame thing together this weekend and I love, love, love it! Here is the site for the tutorial. I hope you make a bunch! It's totally cheap, easy, and everybody loves their own monogram.


More about the felt...

I received a few emails from some of you about the felt I bought and I feel like I should warn you first before you buy some from the girl I got mine from. The felt sheets are small squares, maybe 4" x 4" - not a full sheet like you'd get at the craft store. If you have a Jo-Ann's in your area, they're having a sale on felt for .12 cents a sheet, and they have a lot of cool colors so check them out first if you can.

Sneak Peek

My somewhat time-consuming project is ALMOST done! My winter-blah, color-loving obsession has led me to drastic measures and I couldn't stop myself. I can't WAIT to show you the finished product - and, of course, the tutorial. Maybe I'll finish today since I'm hibernating.


Yummy Felt

Check it out! My felt arrived from Lupin and all I want to do is touch it and look at all of the bright colors! (see what I mean? I'm a color nerd.) I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with it but don't worry - I'll find some project to transport me from my current frozen, arctic reality. We'll see... But in the meantime, I'm going to luxuriate in the COLORS!!! This room design here is going to be some inspiration.


Happy Spring Apron

Okay, I KNOW it's not Spring yet, but I'm bored with winter already. January through April is always so hard for me and the one thing that keeps me sane is color and cocoa.

So I was at the Pottery Barn Outlet yesterday and couldn't resist these yummy, bright, happy napkins for a dollar! Lately I've been craving bright, spring colors like it's chocolate - so you can understand my joy when I found these gems. You CAN buy happiness and in my case, it only cost $1.00. Now I want to go back and get the rest of what's left because these can quickly be made into easy aprons and I can put them in my birthday gift stash! These would make a great winter get-together gift, too. Have the girls over for mint tea and cookies and send them home with one of these! (you can buy happiness AND friends...that works out nicely, eh?!)

I made my waistband using this tutorial I posted a while back. The only thing I did different was sew a 45-degree angle at the ends to make them pointy.

Do you ever get holes in the bottom of your shirt? I do - especially if I'm doing dishes, my shirt gets wet, and I rub up against the counters working. I have to wear an apron when I do dishes or else I get holes in my shirts! (I'm pretty sure my dish soap is innocent)

Ah! I could wear this every day! Maybe the colors will get me through this gray, drab winter! And I'm sure it could be jazzed up a little more, but I wanted to keep this simple since this is intended to be worn and washed a lot.

(sorry if this is a bit blurry - it's kind of hard to focus the lens when you're taking your own picture!)