I can't STAND it!

Now that the hyperventilating is over, I can finally show you what has gotten me all wound up. I had to take like ten Prozacs just to regain my normal heart rate. {don't try that at home...I'm sure it's not healthy}

I must, must, MUST, {must} make some of these little birdies! I found the birds on this site here {love her} and she had a link to this site here but the pattern isn't showing up!!!! OH NOOOOO! HOWEVER...I think I can eyeball it and make my own pattern, though. {breathe...stop panicking...it'll be okay.} AND I'm going to make a nest!!! {gasp for air}

**Update: here is the bird pattern - my friend Graves Babe found it. {type this in to your browser: www.spoolsewing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/birdpattern1-1.pdf} Atta girl - way to be a thinker! {I love it when people are smart because I can lean on them like a crutch...}

And then THIS?! Why does the Pottery Barn have to always one-up me in the most major way??? Okay - so picture this - my bedroom has a big, blank wall to the left of my bed and I was going to enlist Kadie to help me do a cool tree sihlouette with branches and leaves and little birdies sitting on the branches on the one wall, extending through the corner and over to my side of the bed - and the paint color would be just a couple of shades darker than the brownish color already on the wall. OKAY...do you have that image?

They used my idea and it's gorgeous. Well, at least I can say that I'm right there with those big thinkers. I'm just unambitious and slow. Bad combo.

And could that archway idea be any more AMAZING? I'm totally going to do that someday - as soon as I get my contractor's license.


It's Crunch Time!

Doesn't this make you want to bite into that Crunch bar? WELL DON'T. It's bad.

Hey all you fitness challenge people! We've only got THIS week and NEXT week left! How are you all doing?! Make sure to log in HERE to our site and record your progress! I can't wait to see who wins!!!

Oh, and Joanna had a good idea - she suggested that for the FINAL weigh-in, you take a picture of the scale to show your actual weight. Some might round off the numbers a little (who would DO that?!) and the best proof will be a photo of the scale numbers. So don't forget to do that, okay?

Keep going! This is only the BEGINNING!!



So I'm sitting here feeling like I've been slit open in the abdomen, shoved full of man-eating piranhas, closed back up, and left to slowly bleed and die while little beasts devour my female-ness innerds bite by painful bite. ...and it's gray and cloudy outside...And I'm thinking to myself that this should be SO much more glamorous than uterus-eating piranhas...in the gray darkness...and then I was like, "how do you photograph a tampon?" {random, I know, but that's how genius strikes...}

Out of the several shots this nasty little bugger would give me, these were the best two and I'm so pleased. {the tampon was a little bit restless} ...And I added a few little sparkles because that's totally what it's like to be a girl - all sparkly and shiny and brightness, growing up like a blossoming flower. These are the things I have to think about so I don't go out and attack somebody right now.

Oh, and F.Y.I. ---if a photo is too big to view, you can usually click the control (command) key and the (-) minus key and that should shrink it down. Likewise, Ctrl and (+) will enlarge a photo.


Herb Pots & Magnolias

OH...MY...GOSH....It's finally May and I honestly feel like I'm crawling out of my SKIN I'm so happy!!! Winter blah is over and I get to have five (maybe six) months of pure paradise.

So to celebrate the joyfulness of May Day, I took my little guy and went to a huge nursery in town and found some beautiful flowers to plant in my yard, as well as some fresh herb plants. On the Martha Stewart site I loved the "Herb Garden Centerpieces" they did and since I don't need THAT many herbs I opted for smaller and simple. I've got Rosemary, Sweet Basil and a small Oregano together, and then Thyme. I think I use Thyme the most, so I made sure to get several of those. What a great, cheap decorating thing - or even a great gift for a friend. I got my herbs for .99 cents because they were being clearanced! I hope my little baby herbies grow huge so I can eat them! (how nurturing, huh?)

I love it! How cleva.

On my way home, I saw this blooming magnolia tree and asked if I could take some pictures. I am madly in love with magnolias - prob'ly because I'm a Southern girl at heart. (I love you, Paula!!!) (we are soul sisters and she doesn't even know...maybe I'll tell her someday FACE TO FACE when I go visit her in her restaurant...)