Convenience and Relief

It's been a very rough 24-hours and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS for Bob Evans homemade chicken soup and Vernors (super strong ginger soda). I think I got food poisoning or something because....OY! Just when you feel like you can't hang on to life anymore, when all hope is lost and you just want to go find a remote cave and lay there until the merciful beasts devour you alive - along comes the relief of Bob Evans and Vernors. Nothing tastes better when you're sick! And the chicken noodle is made with real, homemade noodles and there are huge chunks of chicken. I now have strength and I think I can make it. Whew.

Sorry it's a little blurry - I didn't feel like doing a very good job.



It's cold, gray, and dreary outside. I SHOULD be getting my tight work-out pants on that reveal my belly fat like nothing you've ever seen, and my work-out top that sucks it all back in (sort of) where it needs to be, and on my way to burning the extra 10,000 calories I consumed at dinner last night. But what I WANT to do is sit here in my warm, bright, cheerful house with a cup of dreamy cocoa (an extra 3,000 calories) and read my new book and laugh the day away. However, what I HAVE to do is clean out my closets, clean the basement (a.k.a. my craft dungeon), pay bills, and do laundry since it hasn't been done for 15 days. GROSS. I'm tired just thinking about it all.

Do you see why I'm conflicted?! I'm not complaining, though. How nice to have options. It's times like this where I'll probably putter around doing odd jobs so as to APPEAR like I've done something today, you know, for the 'ol conscience - but none of my big to-do list will get touched. WHY?! Why can't I be organized and motivated and responsible and clean?! I guess I better go get some cocoa and think about it...

Happy Veteran's Day, by the way! I love those Veterans!


Cute Brooch

Alright - I swear I'm going to make a hundred of these brooches! Think of the COLOR possibilities! What a great holiday gift! They are so easy and I'm pretty sure they're not geeky. Are they? Maybe I am a geek.

You can pin these to a purse, a hat, a scarf, your sweater/jacket, baby clips,etc. AND! (as Design Gal said below) you can pin these to a present as a bow and it's part of the gift! Thanks Design Gal!

I didn't find any cute felt, I don't have time or patience to make some, so I used fleece instead and it worked fine. (plus it was 40% off yesterday, so that makes sense, right?)

So if you missed the tutorial link, it's HERE. And you really should watch the video link HERE because Betz White shows you how to clip the back leaf and attach the pin correctly.

I experimented a little here and I really like the look of the blanket stitch on the leaves. Great! Now my plain leaves look lame. If you'd like a fun tutorial on that, go HERE.


Cute Brooch Tutorial

I've been hunting high and low for a cute, simple, easy-to-make brooch and THIS IS IT! I found this cute blog with an excellent tutorial, so go check it out!

Here is another SUPER cute brooch tutorial! I can't wait to get started!!!