Trying to get back in the game...

My last post was in July...I think it's safe to say that I've been on a blog burn-out.  I wonder if we're all evolving from blogs - to Pinterest!  In the rare chance that someone is out there - I've missed you!!

As for our little family, we've been staying insanely busy.  I can't complain--I don't have 20 kids like the Duggers, but for me and my little brain, I've got way more than I can handle.  Busy summer, busy husband at a new job, busy kids playing, busy baby girl being mischevious, busy new calling in new ward (Primary Prez),  busy kids starting a new school, and every now and then I stop and take a break...to pee...or get a drink...or sleep at night....stuff like that.

For whatever reason, I have had this burning desire to make jam this summer.  I want to have that skill in my back pocket so I can whip out some amazing jam whenever I want.  My attempt was semi-successful - jam is not very thick, but tastes great.  And it's beautiful!!!  I won't let the kids eat it--we just look at it.

Another fun summer activity for me, I mean the kids, was this 1,000 piece puzzle of wonders.
I mean---LOOK at it.  There's stuff going on all over this puzzle, but we did it.
I'm not a huge puzzle fan - I probably participate in puzzleness maybe once every 5 years - but this one looked fun, so there you have it.  No reason - just random entertainment.

 Can you see how challenging this was?!  There should be some type of award for attempting something of this magnitude.  

Speaking of magnitude...summer vacation to Ouray, Colorado.  
Need I say more?!
Here we are decending into Telluride.   

Wonder of all wonders, we stopped to use a porta-potty (I know...disgusting...) and these flowers were sitting there so pretty and this precious little bee comes along just for me!  Happy little working bee.  Naturally I had to snap a few hundred shots of my little bee.

And now that we're here in my beloved desert home, we've been out exploring every chance we get.  

 The beauty is lost on some people...

...they don't get it...

...but to me, there is no greater place than the desert...

Everything is drenched in sunlight - every day.  
I just don't know how to handle all of this sunlight!

She was in our path...very curious about us...and so sweet.  I want one!  Cows aren't that complicated, right?  

And now that it's Saturday and we have millions of other things to do, we're going to go play in the great outdoors in our happy little jeep! {wahoo!}  Have a great weekend, all!!