Baby Needs Bling!


My home has been needing a wreath update for a long time.  I've looked and looked at different ideas and this year I'm drawn to the bright colors - kinda reminds me of an Elf Shop or something!  Anywee-Kadie had the same idea so we went supply shopping yesterday and NOW...may I present to you my latest creation...

This wreath is big, too - it takes up almost the whole width of my door!  My glue gun is smokin'!!!  This worked up really fast, though, and can I just say how much I love glue guns?! I DO think my happy wreathy needs some spray glitter bling, though.  Baby needs BLING!  It needs to sparkle more {because Christmas is sparkly!} and I'm just not getting enough sparkle vibe.  Until then, though, it's going to hang pretty on my door and blast anyone who comes over with a bright, cheery, Christmas welcome!  {It's even got jingle bells!!! gaspity gasp!} 

You start with a bunch of random junk and just start gluing away.  Start with the biggest ornaments, arrange them symmetrically, and fill in the gaps.  You can do it under an hour!  My wreath & most ornaments came from Hobby Lobby and the other ornaments came from a multi-pack at Sam's Club.


WHERE does the time go?!!

Is it just me or do the days just seem to blaze by in a blur?!  {say that 10 times fast!}  I either need to get it together or something because I miss my little bloggie!!!

Okay, first things first:  How's the weight loss challenge going for all of  you?!  I'm not having you report your numbers to me because I think the secrecy gives you advantage in this short of a challenge.  I will say that I've only lost 5 lbs., but since being on my thyroid meds and this whole 'get skinny' challenge, I've lost a total of 11 lbs.  YAY for me!  (...now only 40 more to go... haha.)  Kadie and I are going strong starting tomorrow, though, so look out.

Secondly:  IT'S CHRISTMAS DECOR TIME!!!  {squeal!} Tomorrow I get to dig out all of my yummy, festive fun stuff, plug in my fave Christmas tunes, and decorate.  Okay, let's be honest.  With the exception of my amazing advent tree, my decorations are crap and I'm looking into updating my old stuff - but I'll put up what I have and try to make some newer additions...

...LIKE THESE!  I've been working on some (and ruining others with spray snow-don't buy that stuff), but I hope to have a little mini-forest of trees soon.  {eek!} love these!!! Get the pattern here at Allsorts.  Mine have some hand beading and I love it. I can't wait to show you all of my creations!!!


All Full!!!

Alright, everyone!  You all came through - good for you!!  We've got plenty of teams now - I'm compiling a list - and I"ll post it after my herd comes home from school.  Sorry, but I'm not taking anymore teams at this point - it's 2:50 p.m. Eastern time - if you emailed me sooner than this than I've got you down.  YAY FOR YOU!!!  Now get to work.

Team Spirit!

Okay, Ladies, normally I could understand any hesitancy about jumping off a building, swimming naked with hungry, killer sharks, or dumping acid on my face - BUT SERIOUSLY?!  Why isn't my email inbox full?!  I only have SIX emails!!!  WHAT THE?!  Are you CRAZY?!  Nobody wants to drop a jean size by Christmas and show off a cute tush for Santa?!  (by the way, Santa wants you to drop a jean size...it's his wish.)

Intervention time.  Stop what you're doing right now - grab a buddy - and email me - abbywelker(at)yahoo(dot)com.  We have a few more spots open!!!  You know you want to do this because, well, it's fun, you're going to benefit from it, you're going to feel amazing, and you could win some shopping money!!!  Is there a bad side to this?! 

While you guys get off the couch and email me - here is our team lineup so far:

Team Abby & Kadie (a.k.a. "the Winners")
Team Emma & Buddy (sorry, mom, you're doing this with me...)
Team Ashlee & Mom
Team Kathy & Amanda
Team Carrie & LoverBuns
Team Jill & Heidi
Team Brianne & LoverBuns
Team Denise & Buddy (yay, Denise!)
Team Courtney?  
Team Smullin?  holdin' a spot for you guys...
Team Melissa - do you have a buddy yet?!  Wendi needs a buddy - you two could team up! (let me know)

Here's a big Spartan cheer to all of you - may the best team win!  Now hit the gym because it's 


Another Challenge!!! {eeek!}

Alright, ladies - and the occasional dude...let's do something CRAAAYYYZZAY!  So, I'm thinking, what better way to celebrate Fall, the upcoming Holidays, and the huge food fest that encompasses "Thanksgiving-Passing-Out and Christmas-Goodies-Overdose?!"  A weight loss challenge!!!  {yaaaay...horray....cheeeeerrrrr!}  No frowning...this can be a GOOD thing.

(Okay, let's be honest.  Kadie and I decided to challenge ourselves to a little "drop-10-pounds by Christmas" thing and we need some more motivation...)  SO......

We're opening this up to a few more people who want to join us!  The last fitness challenge we did HERE was a huge success, (A cute girl won something like $400! WOW!) but there was so much involved with that and I have no desire to do that again YET.  However, I thought it would be fun to invite 10-15 couples/buddies to join us in this quick, small little challenge.

Here's the Deal:

Loose as much weight as you can THE HEALTHY WAY by Christmas!  {aaakk!} (no puking, gagging, laxatives, starving, or anything deemed unhealthy. Getting the flu would be to your advantage, though.)

The first 10-15  COUPLES/BUDDY partnerships to email me gets to play! (yay for you!!)

You DO have to have a partner or, well, you're on your own...sorry....we still love you, though.

Everybody (EACH PERSON) sends $10.00 to our "Cash Corral" (my house) and I'll hold onto it for the winner.  (No worries - I'll be honest...as a whipperwill....or something like that...)  So if you win, you and your partner could split $200!  How fun would THAT be?!  (Kadie, we are totally taking this...)  

If you don't send in your $10, you and your buddy are disqualified and we'll all be upset with you because you short-changed us.  We'll have to tie you to the whippin' post and smack you around - and it won't be pretty.

NO CHEATIES!  This is an "On-Your-Honor" kind of deal.  You can weigh in and start as soon as I get your email - nothing prior counts!  We will determine COMBINED weight loss by PERCENTAGE to keep this fair - just email me you AND your partner's beginning and after weight and I will be more than happy to total the weight loss percentage in order to simplify everything.  (lots of confusion last time)

SO...if you weigh 120 and your partner weighs 180, then you would email me "300" as your starting number.  Got it?!  Then if you both, together, loose 40 pounds, then your ending number would be "260", making it a total 13.33% weight loss.  (here is a calculator)

It's pretty basic - just let me know if you have questions!

Yee-Haw!  Now go grab a partner and email me!!!  HURRY!!!


How Do People Blog Everyday?!

Every day I check my Google Reader and every day there are blog entries from amazing women who seem to constantly be doing amazing things.  WHAT THE?!  How do they do this?!  I don't even have enough time in the day to get my dishes done, let alone some amazing project! (I did make my bed today and it looks heavenly...)  I've been wanting SO BADLY to put up a blog post, something cute, clever, and (of course) adorable - but NO.  Hey - I can't even get a chance to read "Mockingjay" {gasp} - I'm still in the first chapter and I've had the book for two months now!!!  ???  (It's a crime, I know...I feel so ashamed and trashy.) 

HOWEVER....I know that my time will come to make something festive for the Holiday season and I'm so giddy to prepare for Christmas - I can't stand it!!!  {love the Holiday season!!!}  I did some Christmas shopping today...so much fun!  So with that in mind, I leave you with the following cartoon - huh-larious.