Comment Moderation

WHAT THE???!!! How do you get rid of those creepy commenters who are hired by some company to solicit their horrible websites??!! Every day I get some random comments, usually in an Asian text, with a vague message and hundreds of links to X-rated sites and I have to go in and manually delete them! I'm so sick of it that I'm now having to moderate every comment and I frankly don't have time for that. Does anyone know how to end this madness?!

And if you're out there, SHAME ON YOU! I'm tired of you - stop coming here! I will not post your comments so you're wasting your time with this chicky.

Check Her OUT!

I was checkin' out my favorite Etsy shops this morning because....well....I don't have energy to exercise, I don't have desire to clean the house, I don't have motivation to shower...so what else is there to do? Scour Etsy.

This girl is freakin' RAD!!! (her shop is Calexandra) I love how gutsy she is with her bright style and huge pieces!!! (and she has gorgeous red hair...or her model does...) She's got some smaller items in her shop, but I LOVE all of it!!! Can you imagine how FUN it would be to wear some of this stuff out to the grocery store??? Or to playgroup???!!! {gasp!} How funny it would be to walk into the quiet library with that big, bright, pink headband on and watch people turn and look at your head!!

(honestly, folks, I think I've been cooped up WAY too long in a winter blah and now that it's spring I'm freaking-out-excited.)

One thing's for sure...if you've got a "cleavage problem", that felt flower necklace will take care of it. No peekin' down that baby.

I think my favorite piece is the poppy necklace- I think it's beautiful and I'd wear it every day with bright red shoes.

I think this girl has inspired me! Maybe I won't sit on my rear all day - maybe I'll actually do something.....



...Still Not Awake Yet...

There are good days and bad days - today is a good day because I have (maybe) 10 minutes to myself in which I should be taking a shower...but I have come to appreciate and develop the art of not showering and making it seem like I'm not disgusting. It's a skill...

Anyway...I get on the internet every now and then and I came across Martha's new book. {gasp!!} I normally wouldn't promote her because I think she's evil, but she sure puts out some great instructions and I think I have to have this book! Since I'm not in the mood to make anything myself, maybe if I look at what someone else makes, I'll get excited.

THEN...I got the Down East Basics summer catalog in the mail yesterday and just about wet my pants when I saw this dress. I NEED IT! Unfortunately, I'm not going to resemble a skinny little toothpick like she does, but who cares?! It's so heavenly! (my shape currently resembles a plump butternut squash!)

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to try to get out of this fog that I live in, play with this little angel baby, and enjoy every minute because she's getting bigger by the second!