She's Why I'm Tired...

Don't let the face fool you.

Although adorable, this little girl is the reason behind all of my tired, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, apathy, joy, sudden outbursts of tears, and whatever else seems to be wrong with me right now.  I'm crazy about her, though.  So what's a girl to do?!  Deal with it, I guess.  This, too, shall pass.

Until then...I'm in 'survival' mode until school starts.  CAN'T WAIT!!!
(she hates cereal, by the way.  she prefers ice cream.  fantastic.)


Not In The Mood...

...sorry for the lack of posting lately - with being so busy and some postpardum issues creeping into my world, I haven't been on my game.   I've got my mom here with me and a whole canister of chocolate, so I think I'll be fine for now.  When school starts I'll be even better!!!  haha.  But seriously...


Our Upcoming Super Saturday...

First, let me explain that our ward over here is so precious and unique for you girls out West - there aren't a lot of active sisters, so our group is on the small side, and we don't have many crafters.  There is interest in crafts, but there aren't crafters, so everything we do has to be fairly quick and easy.  A lot of what we're doing you have already seen on my blog, so they won't be new to you, but most of my ladies don't even know I have a blog, so this will all be new to them!  We might do another one of these craft days this Fall with Christmas/Holiday items, but for now, we're sticking with simple, quick, and easy.  ALL of these ideas can be used as inexpensive gift ideas during the Holiday season, though.

Here is a link to our Super Saturday plans with pictures of each project.  I don't have blog links up on that site simply because we're already going to be making the projects, but below is a list of links with their tutorials except the earrings.  My girl, Kadie, does those and I don't have a tutorial on them.  I think my favorite part of the day is that we're going to have an awesome luncheon: Build-your-own-gourmet-sandwich bar complete with grilling option and Kadie's homemade French bread!  We're going to have the works - smoked turkey, cucumbers, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, artichokes, pesto, and whatever else is heaven on a sandwich.

(I will also have a couple of quilts to tie, as well as a "scrapbook / misc." craft table up and running for the ladies who want to bring their own projects to work on.)

AND...what's my motto?  "It's All In the Details" So, for each project there will be printed instructions, supply lists, and recipes for each person, on half-sheet-size cardstock, and a little folder for the ladies to keep them in.  I'll show you when I'm done with them.  This way, they can always go home and make more without having to remember what exactly we did. {gasp!}

Scrabble Tile Necklace Pendant Tutorial
Etched Jar Tutorial (yes, you can use vinyl lettering!  or stickers. but they come off.)
Crochet Scarf Tutorial
Cafe Napkin to Apron - (get a napkin, throw THIS waistband on it)
Dry Erase Board Tutorial - here's mine (below).  I love it so much already.


Love to All!

You're all such good sports!  And, no, I'm not angry - more like itchy.  I have a vinyl rash!  haha.  The reason for my post below is that in doing my own research for our  upcoming Super Saturday (a big craft day in my church's women's organization), all I could find were other wards making vinyl lettering tiles.  There was an entire website dedicated to Super Saturday ideas and the only thing on the site were these tiles or projects that involved what else?  vinyl.  My Google reader updates are filled daily with vinyl lettering projects and giveaways and I guess I finally got itched out enough to say something!  Needless to say, our Super Saturday is next weekend and there isn't one vinyl project! {clap clap!}

Let me make very clear that I'm not opposed to vinyl lettering when it's done in moderation and with style - like the ADORABLE blocks that Jamielyn posted below.   Those are cute and I would love to make a set. However, like so many who agree with me have said, it's been over-used now and we're ready for the next new craze.  My idea?!  Okay, here it is...

...they protect your home...and all the vinyl within...and I'm pretty sure they'll keep the annoying fund raisers away...haha!  {just kidding, okay, I'm not against kids earning money...but seriously...}


Save Us ALL!!!

Okay, Ladies, I feel like it's my responsibility to men, women and children everywhere to make this special public service announcement.  Now we're all entitled to our opinions, so this is mine:  Enough with Vinyl Lettering & Fondant!  I'm totally going to upset so many people here {I love you all!}, but sometimes you've just gotta take one for the team and I'm going for it!  

You remember how bad the whole scrunchie-made-from-hair nightmare was/is?  

This is right up there, folks.  But don't get me started on hair right now...that's for later...

1.) Vinyl:   Don't run out and buy those new fandangled vinyl lettering/cutting/pasting/crazy-fad-things just because they're, well, ALL OVER THE INTERNET IN EVERY SINGLE GIVEAWAY!!!  Yes, they can do marvelous things with vinyl.....but AREN'T WE DONE WITH VINYL YET???!!!  In every room of the house, do we HAVE to have vinyl something-or-other?!

Case in point: 

...now I know that there are great ideas done with vinyl......in moderation.  But if you have any of the items above in your home, or ready to mass produce for all of your friend's birthdays, baby showers, Christmas gifts, or Just Because...THROW THEM AWAY and get yourself a Pottery Barn Catalog to remind yourself why we don't need vinyl.  Seriously. You won't find this crap in there because, well, it's crap.  

2.) Fondant.  ???!!!  Where and how did this rage get started?!  The Cake Boss on TLC??  Okay, here's the sad truth of the matter.....your homemade fondant-looking cakes aren't very cute because you're not a professional and fondant tastes NASTY.  People don't want to peel away that nasty layer of Play Doh just to eat a piece of cake, anyway!  Honestly, which one would YOU rather eat?!

...very hard work, mildly cute to look at...

...Looks like heaven, I want to dive in head-first?!

Case Closed.  Don't waste any more precious time on fondant Play Doh skills. 

Okay, let the firing squad begin.  I can take it.  I still stand by my beliefs!


Something New...

I'm unveiling a tiny pet project I've been wanting to do for a long time, but I just never got nervy enough. Nervy or Nerdy? Pretty much both. Anyhoo...I have had this frustration lately. I like photography, I'm not a "photographer," but I want a gallery collection of my favorite personal photos that I've been collecting and holding on to for a couple of years...and I feel like an idiot for having a "photography" site. {and I never feel like an idiot, so it's not a comfortable 'place' for me to be, mentally, you know...} So I'm opening up sort of a gallery, if you will. There's no interaction there, just pictures.

Sometimes I think a piece of cake is the most beautiful thing ever, or a piece of fruit, so I'll photograph it and then what? And we all know my own obsession with this lady here who has my dream job! {well, and like a bazillion times more talent} Sometimes I'll see a building and go nuts over it, or a flower, or something very random like this one here. haha. So I blew the dust off of the old file folders, opened up my pictures, (copyrighted them, of course) and now they're up and out in the wide open! I'm inviting you to come visit, take a peek, and enjoy.

That's all I have to say. Now let's have a group hug...


Another Cute Brooke!

Meet my newest friend, Brooke! {anybody named Brooke is automatically beautiful and special...} Anyway, she sent me the cutest email and THIS AWARD! {gaspity gasp} She's a fellow photography nut and I can't believe how much I love her blog and her pictures. She's incredible and I feel so joyful that she would think of me!!! {thanks, Brooke!}

There are always rules with the awards, but I'm a rule breaker.

I'll go along with this one half-way, though, so here goes:

The rules of this decadent award are to:

1. Thank the person who gave the award to you.

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog - CHECK.

3. List three things about you

1.) I don't like talking about me...
2.) I come from small-town America and I am so proud of it!
3.) I used to roller skate like it was nobody's business and it's my secret dream to be on a roller derby team.....(aakkk!)

4. Post a photo that you love
Just one? Well.......

This is a picture of the beautiful south-eastern desert valley right near my hometown. This is the kind of rural desert splendor I grew up all around. I can look at this picture and smell the beautiful desert botanicals, taste the Mexican food we grew up on, and be 'home' again. ahhh....

Thanks, again, Brooke, for thinkin' of me! {love her...} You can see her blog entry here where she said the nicest things.