Tieks. I love them.

 {gasp!!!}  Look what came in the mail today!  

It's NEVER too early to start thinking about Christmas, so add these to your list!  (Technically, we only have 10 more Saturdays before Christmas....eeek!!!)

I've read and studied and tried to figure out what the Tieks hype was all about and decided that I had enough proof to go ahead and see for myself.  They're not cheap-o shoes, you definitely pay more for them than your standard flats, but you often get what you pay for and from the reviews I've seen, these shoes are amazing.  Here is their website.  I am not getting any kind of benefits from posting this - I just want to share my joy with all of you!!

Check out their packaging!  How precious is that?!  I love it that a company will make you feel pampered.  Yes, the shoes are pricey, but you feel like you're being taken care of, too.  

...and a hand-written note.  Seriously.  I love it.

They give you a couple of convenient goodies to go with the shoes. 

My pick - Cardinal Red!  They go with just about everything I wear, they add a spalsh and pop of color to my feet, and they are OH SO COMFY!!!  The Tieks website has photos of every shoe color in various outfits so you can decide if you really like a color or not - and they've got a RAINBOW of colors!  For a color freak like me, it's truly like a candy store!!!  

 These shoes are immediately comfortable - no "breaking in" for these soft, buttery, leather beauties.  It's too bad they don't come in half sizes because I'm a true 7.5, but a 7 would have been too snug, so I will enjoy my 8's.  

I'm a FIRM believer in treating yourself if it's possible...and this definitely qualifies as an excellent, worth-it, splurgy treat.  Your feet will LOVE you!  

Have a Happy Day!!!