Okay, so have any of you ever been just standing there, minding your own business, with a baby on your hip, and then quickly bend over and pick up the millionth thing the baby dropped - ONLY TO BE GRIPPED WITH THE MOST EXCRUCIATING PAIN EVER AND DROP TO YOUR KNEES IN AGONY (screaming like a little girl) ?!  That happened to me 2 days ago and I'm still crippled!  Obviously I pulled something in my lower back and MY GOODNESS!!!  It hurts so bad - I can't do anything - I'm just an invalid. My poor family.

Needless to say, I'm grateful for good medication, my helpful children, and my loving husband.  I haven't been able to finish out the June Photo Challenge, and I'm not beating myself up about it.  I've already hurt myself enough - hahaaaa!

SO...I'm kickin' back, hoping that my back gets better soon and until then, I'll  be checking out the Flickr group looking at all of your photos.  This has been SO much fun to see what everyone is doing!!!


Day 25: Citrus

SO....after getting home from a very busy day, playing with kids at the park, and a quick run to the grocery store - I came home to look at what today's phtoto theme would be----and smacked myself in the forehead! {doh!}  Citrus!!!  Then, panic.  Luckily I had a bowl full of these beauties.  My "citrus" shot could have had more variety but Clementines don't need extra company.  They're gorgeous all on their own.

May I present - the most juicy, tangy, delectable Clementines....

is your mouth watering yet?!


Still Catching Up...

Still playing catch-up but I'm almost there!  We've had rain for the past 2 days, so I had the perfect 'water' opportunity.  I wanted to get some running water, but that didn't happen and I'm all out of steam from a long day.  Even though I'm not making my dream shots happen, I love that this Photo Challenge is making me think really hard. {and if you know me at all, you know how painful that is...haaaahahaa.}

This photo: {besides gorgeous flowers} - 'Water'

Another 'Water' shot - I loved this right out of the camera - I just sharpened it - no editing.

This shot: 'Micro' {and 'water'}  I absolutely LOVE water droplets on plant life.  It's so earthy, refreshing, and a beautiful reminder of how we are all dependent on the life-giving substance of water.

This shot: Black & White
This is one of my very first hydrangea blooms this summer - and they're stunning.  The petals are actually grainy when you look at them up close - even a little splotchy - and I love the texture they make all bunched up like that!  So pretty.  


Photo Challenge Catch-Up

Cheating just a little bit here - I've got a lot to play catch-up with!!!  And...can I just say again how much I *FLIPPING* LOVE SUMMER?!  Every day I wake up giddy because it's warm, sunny (mostly), and pure heaven outside.  Giddy!

Okay...now about my photo challenge.  I'm behind and trying to catch up---

This shot:  "Someone You Love" and "Action" - my man jumping off a sand dune.  I LOVE this shot...and I love him, too

This shot:  "Mason Jar" and "Summertime" - nothing says summer like fresh Michigan cherries.  We were just up in cherry country a few days ago and I've got cherries on the brain!  Aren't they gorgeous?!  

This shot:  (also "Someone You Love" and "Summertime"-she's on my dreamy hammock out back!) but this one is for "Eyes" and even a little "Bokeh" - with the light coming through the trees in the back.  It's not a very good bokeh - so I'll try for a different one - but for now, this is what I'll use!!!  

So now I need to catch up on: Childhood, Water, Micro, and Landscape.  Whew!  I'm going to have to do a few two-fers {two 'fer one} on those, as well.  


Back to Reality

Hi all!  I hope you're all still cruisin' along with the Photo Challenge!!!  I had to take a little break, I don't know if I'll catch up, so I'll just have to pick up where I left off.  We've been having some serious summer fun - and since summer has just begun, I'm giddy that we have a lot more to look forward to!!!  Honestly - this winter/spring lasted waaaaaaaay too long!

Although I didn't live behind the lens of my camera, I did take a few fun shots while we were out of town.

 My Love Nugget - jumping off this huge sand hill.  The older boys had more fun than the little boys!!!

We stayed up in Frankfort, MI - on the northern coast of Lake Michigan.  Then we traveled up and over through small beach towns and orchard towns - and stopped to buy a fresh cherry pie - and on to Traverse City where we had some of the world's best 'Moomers' ice cream.  The weather didn't cooperate much, but it was still beautiful.  I can't wait to go back!!!


Havin' a fun Vacay

Taking a little break from the photo challenge - SORRY!!!  (no tears, please - it makes me uncomfortable.)  We've got some familia visiting form out of town and we're going all over Michigan having some serious fun.  I am taking pictures, though, so that should count for something.

Have a great week all!!!


Days 11 & 12 - Silhouette & Lens Flare

ooh---some fun ones!  I must confess that I'm lacking creativity with the silhouette shot, but I love my little girl's body position - and her hair - in this photo!  When anybody comes or goes, especially her daddy, she runs to this window to throw back the curtain and see what's going on.

I just LOVE any shot with a sun flare - and I almost missed this opportunity because I remembered at the last minute to catch the sun as it was setting.  Within minutes, the sun falls behind the houses and trees, so I lucked out and caught it at just the right moment.  Whew!  


Days 9 & 10 - Fruit & Animal

Fruits of all variety are just absolutely stunning to me - I could photograph any kind of fruit in any way, all day long!!  I  happened to have this beautiful bowl of apples handy, though, and I have big plans for these beauties.  I'm thinking about smothering them in caramel, then chocolate, then rolled in nuts for some end-of-the-year teacher gifts.  Who can resist something beautiful and yummy like that?!!! 

And now for my animal.....
I've always begged the question, "Do kids count for pets?!"  Because mine 1.) smell, 2.) make huge messes, 2.) snuggle, 3.) need a leash, 4.) drool, 5.) and love affection. Not seeing much of a difference, folks! 
My little man came home from a fun-filled day at school with his face painted like a tiger and I couldn't have found a more adorable little animal!!!

(I really wanted to photograph some more horses, but it's raining and dark, so this little animal will have to suffice.)

...this is the kind of pet I prefer.  (not the baby - she's too much of a hand full)  Stuffed animals don't poop, therefore they're my favorite pet!  haha.


Day 8 - Sunset

Yesterday was my b-day, so I'm a day behind in my photo challenge.  Today has been spent dealing with a teeny little silly crisis, so berries coming tomorrow.  I am actually having FUN with this challenge, though!  Every day in June I am capturing something specific and it's been a lot of fun so far! I hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as me!!!


Day 7 - High Angle

My adorable nephew - taken today.  I LOVE this kid - and I love that he's wearing a band-aid!


Day 6 - Books

I have a love of all books - particularly the old classics with their original artwork.  I found these at a yard sale a few years ago and fell in love with the vintage looks.  AND....don't hate me....but I have NEVER read any of these!  {gasp!}  Maybe I will someday.

Day 5 - Breakfast

Okay - so it's a day late - but I took the photo yesterday, so that should count.
Sunday's breakfast for my little guy.

I did NOT plan it this way, but being that it is what it is, I made the best of it.  Being a Latter-Day Saint,  the first Sunday of every month is "Fast Sunday", which is where those of us who are able will skip two consecutive meals in a 24 hour period, and then give a generous fast offering at church to help take care of those in need.  It's such a great way to refocus on the important things in our lives, sacrifice a little something, and get closer to the Savior.  Obviously we wouldn't have the little kids do this, so at my house they usually get cereal.  My breakfast didn't happen until dinner time (sweet pork burritos which were heaven), but I forgot to snap a picture.  Oopsie!  Luckily I took one of my little guy eating this morning in case I didn't get a chance to take any more pictures.

Now...off to find some cool books to photograph!!!


Day 4 - Clouds (...or the lack thereof..)

On the one day we don't have clouds, I have a CLOUD picture to produce!!!  What the?!!  When is it NOT cloudy here?!  Summertime in Michigan is fluffy cloud heaven - but not today.  And....since it's my son's birthday and since I'm lacking any kind of creativity whatsoever, I snapped the sky in the hopes that the faint wisps of cloudness could be seen.

 ....can you see them? they're those little see-through wisps next to the sun.  Those are my clouds today.

Not a single cloud in the sky!!!  WAHOO!!!  For a girl who is sick of bad weather, this couldn't be a more welcome sight!!!


Day 3 - Hands

Is there anything sweeter than baby hands?! This photo is so sweet to me - it's my baby girl and I touching hands - her holding on to me.  Isn't that the essence of motherhood?  We hold on to them for whenever they need us - all throughout their lives if need be.  I'm so thankful to have two beautiul little girls and two amazing boys to love and guide them into happy adults.


Day 2 - Shoes

SHOES?!  Did somebody say shoes?!  
I happen to love shoes....when I'm not wearing them.  My favorite shoes are the kind off of my feet.  
{eww} Please disregard my horriffic pedicure.  Maybe this will entice me to go visit my hilarious {and a little creepy} Vietnamese pedicure guy.

 I'm even teaching my baby girl to love shoes!  What a good mother I've become!  She brought me these to put on for her this morning.  She won't let me take them off.  {atta girl}

But if there was a fire in my house - and all of my precious heirlooms, photos, camera, and computers were safe - and I could only grab one pair of shoes....I'd pick these!
They're buttery yellow, they go with everything, and they're absolutely adorable.

{stop it...}  Now they're just showing off.


Day 1 - Self Portrait

As much as I love to take photographs of myself, it's not that easy.  I should have busted out the tripod, but it seemed a little silly to go to all the trouble to photograph myself.  I mean...seriously...do I have that kind of time?!  No.  So here's myself on this day:

 Nevermind the fact that I had many ideas on how to interpret 'self' with this assignment...but for the sake of time, and since my crazy psycho baby was sleeping....this is as good as it gets, girls.

Moi.  With my computer on the kitchen table because it's too hot upstairs. And I'm working on something speical.
Notice the fresh flowers on the table---{gasp!} They were cheapies at Sam's Club and in my perfect world, I would have fresh flowers in every room every day. 

{gasp!} Refreshment!

...excuse me...

...no reason...


...hair pulled back because it was touching me...
and where are  my amazing earrings?! I feel naked.
...and I think this will be my final portrait for the day - and the one I post on our Flickr group page.
How fun was that?!  Well, only mildly, but the fun has just begun!

AND....can I share my necklace?!   as seen in photographs above....WAAAAAAAAAAY back {5 years ago} before these became the staple of every mother's wardrobe - adorned with pearls, jewels, and other bojangles, I was given this necklace as a gift from a very dear, dear friend.  Of course, it only had three childrens' names and I added Brooke when she was born.  I had never seen anything like it before and I got to choose the symbols for each childs' name.  I will never, ever forget how exquisite this gift has been for me - and I don't even cringe when I see that these necklaces have become just a teensy bit annoying.

Kyle - Star
The north star is constant and immovable, and as the eldest child, my hope for Kyle is that he will always shine - for himself and as an example to his family.

Kendra - Crown
My little queen - she has always been wise beyond her years and to me, the crown represents her regal demeanor and special talents.  She's more mature than I am!  

Reed - Sunshine
This boy is the sunshine of the family - so funny, always hugging and snuggling, and keeps me feeling bright and youthful.  He's always got a sunny outlook on life and likes to do things well.  

Brooke - Heart
She's my little Valentine baby for one thing, but she's also the love of this family.  As crazy as she can be, Brooke is full of life and we are all madly in love with her.  I hope that she will always be able to draw people together the way she does now. The heart also represents for me the love between Brooke and Brandon (dad).  These two are crazy about each other!