Baby Booties Masterpiece

I love these shoes so much I can't even stand it. Think they would look cute on a necklace? Who knew making a little pair of baby shoes would be so darn fun?! I want a pair of these in my size - I wonder if I can make that happen???....prob'ly not.

A huge thanks to Heather Bailey for the UH-DORABLE pattern on her blog - and to my friends at the DMC Floss company for making the most beautiful thread. Seriously - it's all in the thread, girls. I used two different strands (see photo at bottom) - the green for the vine and the pink for the flowers....and I got this!!!! {aaak!}

Okay, so now all I can say is that these shoes better fit my child because...OH MY GOSH...I'll have a seizure.

Seriously folks - I stitched these shoes in an hour (and I just mean the hand-stitching, not the whole pinning and sewing thing) If you refer to my handy stitch guide, you could whip out a pair in no time for yourself. Just get some white felt, the shoe pattern, some floss and a needle and go at it, honey. (I got my felt at Jo-Ann's on the bolt.) The stitching is really, really, really easy. Play with it and see for yourself.

Of course, I couldn't just make the shoes - I had to have a onesie to go with them. A girl's gotta match, right?

If you do make a pair, I'm going to give one teensy pointer - (referring to the photo with the pins in the shoe) make sure you line up the top toes and the heel, secure, and then go around the edges. If you get puckering, don't worry, try to smooth them out the best you can without unpinning the toes and heel.

Up next: white on white. I'M DYING!!!


Let's Have Some Fun...

Okay, so we might as well have a little fun, right?! On the sidebar of this blog is a poll list with little girl names that I sort of like. I don't like a whole lot of girl names, which makes this hard for me, but I DO have one favorite. Not that I will base my choice on what anybody thinks, but I'm curious...which one is YOUR fave?!

**I'm LOVING all of this great feedback!!!**


...."recently my wife has gotten a little lazy......or as she likes to call it, 'pregnant'..."

Jim Gaffigan - Pregnant
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LOVE that guy. And it's so true about the lazy part - I don't even comb my hair anymore because it takes so much effort! So my projects lately have been 'lazy' projects where I can sit on the couch and pretty much do nothing. But SERIOUSLY...I have not slowed down until now, so I think I'm entitled to chill for the next little while.

In my lazy, lounging state, I stitched up the softest, coziest little hats! {little scream} and despite what the
photographs might depict, these are so tiny! I made them 'newborn nugget' size and I'm dying from the cuteness. AND...I'm almost done with that cute blanket - excited to get that finished.

IF I can get motivated, today's nesting project is going to be some little booties from Heather Bailey's pattern. I want a HUNDRED of these things!!! I'm excited because I know EXACTLY what I want to do...now if only I could get some motivation ... wish me luck...