Sandwich 101

Hi Everyone!!! Since I'm obviously not up to projects yet, I've got nothin' for you there. But I DO eat, and I think we all know that I do that a little TOO well {cringe}!

Yesterday I put together the BEST sandwich ever - it was so simple and I could have added all kinds of other things to it, but this was PERFECT just the way you see it here.

Something that my ADORABLE sis-in-law, Kristine, brought to my attention was this heavenly pesto spread you can get at almost any grocery store. Get yourself some, and keep it in the fridge!

So here's the basics:
Get some GOOD french bread, rustic italian, or ciabatta bread - not that cheap crap stuff.

Spread a little Hellman's (or Best Foods) mayo on both sides - and, yes, it DOES matter what brand you use.

Spread a little pesto on both sides or on just one side, depending on how strong you like it; add a half-slice of cheese to both sides of the bread; add your turkey; slap the thing together in a warm embrace...

Then - butter both sides of your sandwich and grill on both sides until golden and your cheese is a little melty.

If you want to add lettuce, onion, tomato, avocado, sprouts, cucumber, etc.. - do that after you grill it. Otherwise, enjoy a quick piece of heaven in minutes!!!


Absolutely Necessary

There are two things I absolutely CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT right now. My baby is very gassy and has had a rough time with it. She would like to sleep more and fuss less, but her little body is just making her too uncomfortable. SO...my life-saving, sanity-saving solutions:

1.) my Moby Wrap. (mine is a scrumptious orange and it makes me happy all the way through my tired body!)

Seriously - she sleeps so well in this thing! I'm able to do what I need to do without stopping and fussing with her, and let's be honest - I get to snuggle her as much as I want!!! It's the BEST!!! (especially if I have to go out shopping...no screaming baby tantrums...)

Too bad I'm not getting paid to endorse these things, eh?! But who cares...I have to pass on the info in case it can help some poor mom from going to the Nut House!


The GREATEST DISCOVERY EVER: "Colic Calm" drops. This funky, nasty-looking stuff is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! I don't know how my mom and I found the website, but we did and I decided that I was desperate enough to try them so we ordered some! This website here sold me on the stuff. (The mylicon drops from the store just don't work well for me.)

It looks completely nasty but I'm not kidding, the minute I gave my screaming Brooke a half-dose of the drops, she quieted down and fell asleep within minutes! After a few days of giving her the drops off and on, her little digestive system started working better and she's seems so much more content. These drops are worth every penny - and I just ordered my 2nd bottle of it since I'm running low. LOVE IT!!!

Additionally, it DOES wash out of clothing if baby spits it up, you just have to stain-treat clothing first and then wash. I've had no issues so far when I pre-treat with Shout or something similar.

So there you have it. Two magical things every new mom NEEDS TO HAVE.


My Little Distraction

I'm not gonna lie - this is SO much fun!!! Okay, I'm tired but it's getting better. I'm so sad that my baby is almost three weeks old - HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? It's amazing how fast time flies when you live in a sleep-deprived blur.

I can't wait to get back to my projects soon! But until then...I'm going to snuggle this little creature and enjoy every sweet smelling second!