Glitter Granny Blanket


Yes, yes, you heard me.  It's true!!!!  The dreamiest of all dream substances, the happy dust that makes my heart SO happy, GLITTER SPARKLE, is now in yarn.  {GASP!!!!}

(This is me, passed out on the ground after hearing about glitter yarn.  Just kidding...but google images had the EXACT picture that I think most captures my true reaction.)

I just can't believe how pretty it is - photos can't capture it.  I have no idea now if I'm going to make this a big blanket just for me?!!!....or put it in my growing stash of baby blankets.  I'm leaning more towards keeping this one and making it big, but I'm already getting tired of stitching....I would have to quadruple (or more) the size of it now.  Oy.  Decisions.  

The yarn is called "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby and it's Metallic Ivory and it's super soft even with the glittery threads.
  The skeins are smaller, so you'll need to buy extra.  But who cares, right?!  GLITTERRRRRR!!!  

You're welcome.

Have a happy day!!!



Spring Is In the Air!

Spring is here in beautiful, sunny Arizona and it's wonderful!!!!!  I have this inner body-clock tuned in to the arctic Michigan winters - it's in my bones and my brain is thinking about how cold it *should* be, but I go outside and look at the bright, blue skies and then I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!  

We took a spring jeep ride behind the hills and mountains of where we live  - I hope you enjoy the Arizona springtime splendor!  No poppies or wildflowers blooming yet, but it's coming.  The cactus blossoms will be gorgeous soon!

I found your boyfriend.

I gave him your number & he seemed interested. (*he's a hottie!*)  

Mama & baby.  She's so beautiful!

I LOVE finding mamas and their spring calves!  These babies don't like to get far from their mothers!

She told me to leave her man alone.

Those mountains!  Oh how I love this place!

Time for spring decor in my house - loving these sweet bunnies from the Target dollar spot.  
(runner from Pottery Barn, flowers from Hobby Lobby)

And....last but certainly not least...

My favorite part about spring in Arizona is LEMONS!!!!  I have a friend who gets these from Mesa and they're HUGE, loaded with lemon juice, and oh so beautiful!!  Guess what, kids?!  LEMON EVERYTHING this month!!!!  woohoo.  (hands up)
(and you thought pumpkin everything was intense...lemon season is a thousand times better!!  haha.)

And now I'm off to grate and juice these beautiful babies.  Have a happy spring day - and if you're cold, just come on over to Arizona and bask in the sunshine!  



Easy Pizza with Lemon & Goat Cheese

Okay, so I have a new favorite lunch.  I don't have this very often, but being that I live in a tiny, beautiful, cotton-farming, Mexican-food-loving town, sometimes I want something different, out of the ordinary, and even a little gourmet.  Okay...I want something a LOT gourmet, but I'll settle for a little.  

We don't even have a decent sandwich shop here, for crying out loud!  (...I know.  Don't you feel bad for me?!  It's a rough life but somehow I manage.)  

Speaking of gourmet, right?!  I mean...boxed pizza.  But hey - don't knock it 'till you try it.  Trust me.

3 pieces of this stuff (1/3 of the pizza) is 360 calories, so 1 1/2 pieces is only 180 calories!!  Not bad for a low-cal lunch option.  You can slice the pieces yourself, of course, so just be careful and make sure you have people over to share with.....otherwise you'll do what I do and wonder where on EARTH the whole thing went.  oy.  

All you need is some shredded greens, the healthier the better.  (And "iceburg lettuce" doesn't count.  It's lame.  You'll need something that involves baby spinach and arugula.)  Parmesean cheese, crumbled goat cheese, and some lemon to squeeze.  That's it! Oh, and get a pizza or two.  I like this particular brand, but get your favorite thin crust variety.

And about goat cheese......it's SO GOOD!!!!!!  If you haven't joined the goat cheese camp, you should at least give it a try.  If you genuinely despise it, well, I won't judge, but seriously.....   This would be a great way to ease on in to the goat cheese camp without fully commiting.  You could sprinkle a little bite with some crumbled goat cheese and see if you really want to live the rest of your life without it.  But I am leaning towards the idea that you will like it.  Just open your mind, open your pallette, and let the flavors work for you!  

Let the pizza cool off a bit and then just pile it all on there and squeeze that lemon on top!  
I like to start with the goat cheese because it gets all melty on top of the hot pizza and creates a little barrier so the greens don't wilt as quickly.  They will wilt if you add them too quickly to the hot pizza.


Have a happy day!!!  
(and let me know if you try and like this! )