Glitter Granny Blanket


Yes, yes, you heard me.  It's true!!!!  The dreamiest of all dream substances, the happy dust that makes my heart SO happy, GLITTER SPARKLE, is now in yarn.  {GASP!!!!}

(This is me, passed out on the ground after hearing about glitter yarn.  Just kidding...but google images had the EXACT picture that I think most captures my true reaction.)

I just can't believe how pretty it is - photos can't capture it.  I have no idea now if I'm going to make this a big blanket just for me?!!!....or put it in my growing stash of baby blankets.  I'm leaning more towards keeping this one and making it big, but I'm already getting tired of stitching....I would have to quadruple (or more) the size of it now.  Oy.  Decisions.  

The yarn is called "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby and it's Metallic Ivory and it's super soft even with the glittery threads.
  The skeins are smaller, so you'll need to buy extra.  But who cares, right?!  GLITTERRRRRR!!!  

You're welcome.

Have a happy day!!!


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