Sneak Peek

My somewhat time-consuming project is ALMOST done! My winter-blah, color-loving obsession has led me to drastic measures and I couldn't stop myself. I can't WAIT to show you the finished product - and, of course, the tutorial. Maybe I'll finish today since I'm hibernating.


Trisha said...

I can't wait to see. I so get the hibernating! I am a California girl living in Utah. I always get a little funky in the winter, and make lots of bright colored items!! But...I have never loved the spring more then after a long winter!

Momnco said...

When are you going to host another apron swap? Maybe something for spring!?

Come on girl. The last one was so much fun!

Becky said...

The colors are so vibrant...I'm hooked!!! Can't wait to see what you've created and pour over the tutorial...I'm a new reader but I'll be back!


LeAnne said...

Ohhh...can't wait!

Abby said...

haha! Apron swap?! I'm too emotionally disturbed from the last one! Maybe I'll muster up some courage and get a spring swap going here pretty soon.