Hand Towel Baby Bib

Some of my most favorite baby gifts were those that came from the hands of someone who made them.

With that in mind, here's a great way to make a baby bib using an inexpensive hand towel. Bear in mind this is going to be spit up on and spilled all over, so it's not meant to be ultra cute or fancy. Nevertheless, it's a GREAT size and somewhat easy to make.

You'll need:
1 hand towel
Binding Tape
2 Velcro squares

First, lay out your towel on a flat surface.

Using an old bib or going free-hand, trace a pattern for your creation. I cut my bib a little bigger than this one that I used as a template because I like more coverage!

Pin some binding tape all the way around the bib, being careful to work it flat around the curves. When you stitch, hold the bib tight and flat so you don't get puckering.

Where the bib fastens around the back of the neck, fold the binding to look nice.

Lay it flat like this and pin. Again, when you stitch the bib, make sure you hold it tight and flat so you don't get puckering.

Here's the finished product. I double stitched in order to hold down the binding all the way around.

To adhere the Velcro, I stitched X's through each Velcro square and then stitched the squares down all the way around the perimeter

Voila! You've got a GREAT bib!