Another Pair

Check it out! I've got a bootie thing going on here! (On top of the already enlarged bootie I've got annoyingly attached behind me.)

These are made from wool felt and it was much easier to work with than fleece. I found some basic, pretty colors on a bolt at JoAnn's over in the fleece section.

Because these work up so fast and easy, I've got a whole batch I'm working up today! Now I just need babies to give them to...

(And I can already hear it - those beads look like a choking hazard. Trust me, they're not going anywhere and besides, these booties are so tiny that any baby wearing them won't care about eating beads yet.)

You guys have GOT to try these! (and then send me pictures)

1 comment:

DeGooyer Family said...

Abby, you are so funny. =) But even more talented!!!