As you know, I LOVE aprons! (probably because I love to bake and eat...) Whether you wear one or not, it is my opinion that they symbolize motherhood - everything that is warm, loving, and nurturing - kind of like those cookies mom used to make. I can smell them right now and I get an instant memory from my childhood of mom lifting the warm cookies off onto the counter. All was right in the world whem mom made something yummy! You don't have to be a domestic goddess to wear an apron - just someone who loves to warm the heart and home.

And despite what popular opinion might be, an apron can be stylish, sassy, and even sexy! Just check these out from Olive Juice!

Tie One On is a website just for people like me and every now and then there will be a theme where apron lovers from all over make an apron according to the theme. One of my favorites thus far has been the "Ric Rac" theme. Here is a link to the gallery if you want to check it out.

And, if you're a nut like me, this book by EllynAnne Geisel would be SO much fun for you! Even if you don't collect or make them, it's fun to read the stories of aprons past. There are some beautiful photos and even some easy patterns, too.
So off I go, in search of another great apron idea!

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