It's a Chick Thing - Idea Venture Challenge

I love a good challenge!

Well, in my opinion, my version does not look as nice as the boutique version - but I guess that's why I don't own my own boutique, right?! Anyway, here's my take on the design:

I cut out my pieces. I made sure the beak was a little larger than it needed to be because I wanted to make sure it got all the way stitched underneath.

Then I ironed the pieces into place with some fusible webbing or iron-on adhesive. This held everything in place very nicely.

Then I satin stitched around the entire shape. Because of the curves, the stitching got a little tricky.

Finally, I put some fray liquid on the edges of the beak and feet to prevent any fraying. I stitched the beak down (I love how it turned out) and stitched the eye in place. Now I've got a chick shirt.

While I was at it, I stitched up a couple of baby onesies. Now what baby girl wouldn't look adorable with one of these?! With a cute pair of pants or a skirt, that baby will turn every head. (well, yours at least)

If I had more time and no children, I would have probably created some type of embellished pants to go with these shirts, but alas, that will have to wait.


missliss5 said...

Oh-my-gosh--that is darling! I absolutely love it! WOW!

Tisha said...

So cute!

Crystal said...

I HAVE to figure this out. Abby it is so, so cute! My 5 year old would love this!

sittininatree said...

Hi! I found your blog a during the summer and it inspired me to pick up sewing. I tried making the chick shirt and it turned out really cute. My niece loved it and that was all that mattered. Thank you for the ideas.

Luke & Erica said...

Saw this and thought why stitch up some pants, why not must make a matching belt?