Cooking 101 - Campfire Vittles

We're getting ready to go camping and I'm a simple kind of girl. I don't mind the whole camping thing, but if I can create food shortcuts, I do. So here's an awesome dinner recipe that I'm going to prepare before we leave tonight - and since I already have leftover grilled chicken in the fridge, this will come together in a snap.

(You could also do this at home with the kids and put the foil packets in the oven and they'll love it!)


· 1 pound(s) chicken breast, cooked and cut into cubes
· 2 c rice (dry), and then cook - we prefer brown rice
· 1/2 pound frozen peas or mixed veggies
· 1/2 pound shredded cheddar cheese
Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder

You will need one small roll of aluminum foil (heavy gauge is better)

In a large container, combine chicken, rice, frozen veggies, shredded cheddar cheese, and seasonings. Cover and refrigerate. At dinner time, scoop each serving onto the middle of a 2 ft. long piece of aluminum foil. (four servings = four pieces of aluminum foil). Wrap the mixture into the foil by folding the foil longwise (so that it stays about 2 ft. long). Wrap the tail ends of the aluminum around a heavy stick and warm each wrapped mixture over a campfire until the cheese melts - or stick them on top of a cooking griddle and rotate. The foil cools rapidly and can be unwrapped easily from around the sticks and from around the mixture. You could also add cashews, canned mushrooms, and/or soy sauce depending on the tastes of the group.

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