Boutique Treasure

Okay this is where I find a really cool idea and figure out how they did it. This is not one of my projects, I found it on Blossom Street, and I think it's such a great, simple idea. If your little girl's pants are getting a little high-watered, then roll them up and stitch on some cute ribbon and trim!

And that little chick shirt couldn't be cuter. Here is how I will tackle this project:

1. cut out a chick shape, cut 2 legs out of ric rac & cut out a small beak

2. put some iron-on adhesive on the chick

3. place the legs & beak just under the chick's body, iron and secure them into place, satin stitch around the whole chick. Secure the beak and the legs halfway down with a hand stitch or washable fabric glue.

4. For the eye, I would stitch on a little red button or maybe use a little snap (before ironing the adhesive in place, of course).

Okay, well I'm definitely going to come up with my own version of this adorable idea. I want to know if any of you come up with your own version! (Maybe change the shape up a little or use a different animal and trim.)

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