Beginning Crochet

Do you want to learn crochet?! I'm definitely not an expert, but I can get you started.

Here is a link to the basic stitching abbreviations.

Since you are probably just beginning, dont' go out and get the soft, fuzzy, fancy yarn you'd like to stitch a blanket with. Get a cheap, basic yarn with no frills, preferrably a small skein or ball of yarn because this is your "learner" yarn. The kind I used in my samples is Bernat Cotton Tots, 4 oz., worsted. Here is a yarn weight link in case you're interested.

A good starter hook size to learn with is size "I" or "J". Your yarn should be compatible with your hook so you're not struggling with uneven stitches.

Start with making a slip-knot with your yarn like this.

Now put your hook in the slip knot...

and tighten the knot just a little around your hook.

Many people wrap their thread around their fingers differently, but this is how I do it. You need to wrap the yarn correctly so you have good tension. If you don't have good tension, your stitches will be uneven and sloppy - kind of like a sewing machine!
So here we go: Palm up, put yarn between pinky and ring finger, wrap around & behind pinky, over the top of your back fingers, and with pointer finger extended, hold the slip knot area with thumb and middle finger. This will help you have the right tension when you stitch.

Now you're ready to chain. Put your needle underneath your yarn, or (yo = yarn over), grab a hold of your yarn with the hook, and pull it through the loop.

Now, you're a smart cookie, so keep practicing until you've got this down pretty quick - from startup, wrapping your yarn, and stitching a lengthy chain that looks tight (not too tight) and even. It should look like a nice braid on the front side.
Note: If your yarn is too loopy or loose, you need more tension with your fingers holding the yarn. Practice your basic chain and play with the tension in your fingers until you get the desired result.


missliss5 said...

Did you take these pics of yourself??? Very cool instructions!

Melody said...

I just found your blog through Tiffany's new blanket blog. I'm also a med students wife in Michigan. I couldn't find your name on your blog, but I've probably heard of you before. Anyway, great work. It's fun to find another artist in my situation. Thanks for so many great ideas.

VAN said...

hi! i just found your blog almost by accident and it turn to be so great! i just loved what you've written in your description because that is exactly how i felt: someone that found your instructions and will start to learn a completely new coll stuff! my sister just told me she is pregnant and i can't wait to start making cute little (or maybe even big!) crocheted things for this already loved baby. it sounds funny but there is almost nothing to help completely begginers like me, so thanks a lot for your didatic easy-to-understand instructions, but mostely, for your generosity!!! keep on!! =D