We've Got a Website!

Hi Ladies! Okay, so our friend Tamara and her hubby have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to help us out with our Fitness Challenge. They've set up a website HERE for us to track our progress, communicate, and stay motivated. SO..

1.) Go to the website and sign up
2.) Check your email for verification
3.) Wait to be assigned a profile in order to log your progress. (or in my case...lack of progress...)

Once you have a profile, you can log in, log your stats, and use the message board. How AWESOME is this?! It's just what we needed and I'm so excited I could blow! Now you don't have to wait for me to check my huge email inbox - we can post right to the website!

A GIGANTICLY huge thanks to Tamara and her hubby Josh!!! You guys rock! (don't you just love it when you make friends with really smart, capable people?! How beneficial!)


Joanna said...

Awesome! I just went and registered!

Joanna said...

I can't post in the shout box on the site?? It says my account doesn't have permission. I don't see the message boards or anything besides the little shout box on the side which I can't use.

BarefootTams said...

Joanna - once you register, it takes a little bit of time to activate your permissions (my husband missed programing that automatically... and will do that as soon as he has time). For now he has to manually do it for each person as they make an account. SO sometimes it'll take a little bit (30 min or so) for him to get a chance to do it. :) But it will all be activated! It was just an oversight in the testing process.

Holly said...

Thanks so much for putting this together! I am excited to see how we all are doing!

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

that website is AWESOME!! Thank you to BarefootTams husband for setting that up. I registered and logged my weight. Can't wait for everyone to get their info in.

Adrienne of Noon To Two and Handmade By Ade Etsy Shops said...

Can anyone join in?

I tried to register. Do I need to wait for an email?

Not sure how well I do but I love the added motivation.

Thanks in advance.


Adrienne of Noon To Two and Handmade By Ade Etsy Shops said...

If I only had patience. I'm all set up now. Cool.


Jenna Z said...

I love the website! The only trouble I have with it is that the % lost comes out different than on the website calculator you suggested we use. Also, could we get a list of participants blogs? I am waiting with baited breath to go visit all these wonderful gals!