Day 1 - Self Portrait

As much as I love to take photographs of myself, it's not that easy.  I should have busted out the tripod, but it seemed a little silly to go to all the trouble to photograph myself.  I mean...seriously...do I have that kind of time?!  No.  So here's myself on this day:

 Nevermind the fact that I had many ideas on how to interpret 'self' with this assignment...but for the sake of time, and since my crazy psycho baby was sleeping....this is as good as it gets, girls.

Moi.  With my computer on the kitchen table because it's too hot upstairs. And I'm working on something speical.
Notice the fresh flowers on the table---{gasp!} They were cheapies at Sam's Club and in my perfect world, I would have fresh flowers in every room every day. 

{gasp!} Refreshment!

...excuse me...

...no reason...


...hair pulled back because it was touching me...
and where are  my amazing earrings?! I feel naked.
...and I think this will be my final portrait for the day - and the one I post on our Flickr group page.
How fun was that?!  Well, only mildly, but the fun has just begun!

AND....can I share my necklace?!   as seen in photographs above....WAAAAAAAAAAY back {5 years ago} before these became the staple of every mother's wardrobe - adorned with pearls, jewels, and other bojangles, I was given this necklace as a gift from a very dear, dear friend.  Of course, it only had three childrens' names and I added Brooke when she was born.  I had never seen anything like it before and I got to choose the symbols for each childs' name.  I will never, ever forget how exquisite this gift has been for me - and I don't even cringe when I see that these necklaces have become just a teensy bit annoying.

Kyle - Star
The north star is constant and immovable, and as the eldest child, my hope for Kyle is that he will always shine - for himself and as an example to his family.

Kendra - Crown
My little queen - she has always been wise beyond her years and to me, the crown represents her regal demeanor and special talents.  She's more mature than I am!  

Reed - Sunshine
This boy is the sunshine of the family - so funny, always hugging and snuggling, and keeps me feeling bright and youthful.  He's always got a sunny outlook on life and likes to do things well.  

Brooke - Heart
She's my little Valentine baby for one thing, but she's also the love of this family.  As crazy as she can be, Brooke is full of life and we are all madly in love with her.  I hope that she will always be able to draw people together the way she does now. The heart also represents for me the love between Brooke and Brandon (dad).  These two are crazy about each other!


Chelle said...

Love the photos and have not seen those necklaces around here...but maybe I just don't notice.

Michelle said...

I love how you picked meaningful symbols for each of them!!

pinkundine said...

Great photos - I interpreted "self" slightly differently this morning!

SewHappyGeek said...

hee hee - nice scaredy look!
Here in the UK I don't think those necklaces have become ubiquitous yet...but give us time, I'm sure we'll catch up! I do really like yours and must admit I'm super tempted to go to etsy now :)

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

What great pics! I love how your personality comes through...
I LOVE diet coke with fresh lime from Sonic... YUM!!!

Have a great day!

Yarni Gras! said...

what a sweet post!

Tiah said...

At first glance the last two charms on your necklace look like "need" "coke". LOL

Danielle@A stash Addicts Ramblings said...
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Danielle@A stash Addicts Ramblings said...

i really love your necklace!! any ideas where i could get something like it??

also your pictures are lovely, your eyes and a beautiful shade of blue!
hair band is super cute to!! x

Abby said...

:) Thanks!!

Tiah - Hu-LARIOUS!!! TOTALLY looks like 'need coke'!!! hahaaa!!!

Danielle - Etsy.com has a whole bunch of necklaces like that where you can special order and customize them. I'm sure they're much cheaper nowadays, too!

Danielle@A stash Addicts Ramblings said...

Thanks Abby :) *off to look at Etsy!