Still Catching Up...

Still playing catch-up but I'm almost there!  We've had rain for the past 2 days, so I had the perfect 'water' opportunity.  I wanted to get some running water, but that didn't happen and I'm all out of steam from a long day.  Even though I'm not making my dream shots happen, I love that this Photo Challenge is making me think really hard. {and if you know me at all, you know how painful that is...haaaahahaa.}

This photo: {besides gorgeous flowers} - 'Water'

Another 'Water' shot - I loved this right out of the camera - I just sharpened it - no editing.

This shot: 'Micro' {and 'water'}  I absolutely LOVE water droplets on plant life.  It's so earthy, refreshing, and a beautiful reminder of how we are all dependent on the life-giving substance of water.

This shot: Black & White
This is one of my very first hydrangea blooms this summer - and they're stunning.  The petals are actually grainy when you look at them up close - even a little splotchy - and I love the texture they make all bunched up like that!  So pretty.  


The Baldwin's said...

you take such beautiful pictures! I need to get some lessons before you move :) lets get together sometime...i really loved hangin with you last summer! and my son still needs to give you back your huge spiky ball! haha email me: gbaldwin519@msn.com....Gentri

Jennifer said...

Oh I LOVE hydrangeas! They are my absolute favorite. I've been a lurker for quite some time now, but had to come out of the woodworks to let you know how much I enjoy your witty creativity!

Thanks for sharing your talents :o)