Back to Reality

Hi all!  I hope you're all still cruisin' along with the Photo Challenge!!!  I had to take a little break, I don't know if I'll catch up, so I'll just have to pick up where I left off.  We've been having some serious summer fun - and since summer has just begun, I'm giddy that we have a lot more to look forward to!!!  Honestly - this winter/spring lasted waaaaaaaay too long!

Although I didn't live behind the lens of my camera, I did take a few fun shots while we were out of town.

 My Love Nugget - jumping off this huge sand hill.  The older boys had more fun than the little boys!!!

We stayed up in Frankfort, MI - on the northern coast of Lake Michigan.  Then we traveled up and over through small beach towns and orchard towns - and stopped to buy a fresh cherry pie - and on to Traverse City where we had some of the world's best 'Moomers' ice cream.  The weather didn't cooperate much, but it was still beautiful.  I can't wait to go back!!!


Gisela said...

I'm still cruisin' along with the Photo Fun pics and am really enjoying it.
Your pics are beautiful.
Regards from Germany.

Chas said...

I just love, love that area of Michigan!

Jon and Christine Knecht said...

I had to stop when I saw this picture because we stay up at Point Betsie EVERY YEAR! for one wonderful week in the summer :) I thought...huh, that looks familiar and then I read the caption! YAY Frankfort!! I hope you get to go back...or do you go there often as well?