Day 2 - Shoes

SHOES?!  Did somebody say shoes?!  
I happen to love shoes....when I'm not wearing them.  My favorite shoes are the kind off of my feet.  
{eww} Please disregard my horriffic pedicure.  Maybe this will entice me to go visit my hilarious {and a little creepy} Vietnamese pedicure guy.

 I'm even teaching my baby girl to love shoes!  What a good mother I've become!  She brought me these to put on for her this morning.  She won't let me take them off.  {atta girl}

But if there was a fire in my house - and all of my precious heirlooms, photos, camera, and computers were safe - and I could only grab one pair of shoes....I'd pick these!
They're buttery yellow, they go with everything, and they're absolutely adorable.

{stop it...}  Now they're just showing off.


Kerry said...

Gorgeous shoes and your little girl is adorable

Tiffaney J. Watts said...

I too have yellow shoes that I love....

Brittani Gonzalez said...

Haha you're funny. I can tell I am going to love this blog. =) And I'm doing your photo challenge!! Though I have started today... =)

Brittani Gonzalez said...

Haha you're funny! I can tell I am going to like this blog. =) Aaanndd I'm doing your 30 day photo challenge...though I started today... =)