Day 6 - Books

I have a love of all books - particularly the old classics with their original artwork.  I found these at a yard sale a few years ago and fell in love with the vintage looks.  AND....don't hate me....but I have NEVER read any of these!  {gasp!}  Maybe I will someday.


CoreysGal said...

I joined up and I also joined the Flickr group! Just wanted to let you know, since I linked up your blog. :) Hope this isn't considered solicitation because I am genuinely only putting this here so you know that you were referenced! coreysgal.blogspot.com

Hands Sew Full said...

This picture made me do a double take! I have that exact Treasure Island book on my shelf! I live in the house I grew up in and there are still things here that were my siblings (who are all older than me) and that book is one of them! It still lives here because the two oldest sisters still fight over whose it was originally so no one gets it and it lives where they left it. At least all the grandchildren have access to it! (And several others just like it)
Thanks for the memory.

Suz said...

Oh, i love old, books, too. I just got a sack for a dollar at our libraries annual sale (five minutes before closing). I like to use them for collage (the best ones, I save). Biggest score I have ever had. I especially love old children's primers.
Really enjoy your blog.