Photo Challenge Catch-Up

Cheating just a little bit here - I've got a lot to play catch-up with!!!  And...can I just say again how much I *FLIPPING* LOVE SUMMER?!  Every day I wake up giddy because it's warm, sunny (mostly), and pure heaven outside.  Giddy!

Okay...now about my photo challenge.  I'm behind and trying to catch up---

This shot:  "Someone You Love" and "Action" - my man jumping off a sand dune.  I LOVE this shot...and I love him, too

This shot:  "Mason Jar" and "Summertime" - nothing says summer like fresh Michigan cherries.  We were just up in cherry country a few days ago and I've got cherries on the brain!  Aren't they gorgeous?!  

This shot:  (also "Someone You Love" and "Summertime"-she's on my dreamy hammock out back!) but this one is for "Eyes" and even a little "Bokeh" - with the light coming through the trees in the back.  It's not a very good bokeh - so I'll try for a different one - but for now, this is what I'll use!!!  

So now I need to catch up on: Childhood, Water, Micro, and Landscape.  Whew!  I'm going to have to do a few two-fers {two 'fer one} on those, as well.  

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