Day 4 - Clouds (...or the lack thereof..)

On the one day we don't have clouds, I have a CLOUD picture to produce!!!  What the?!!  When is it NOT cloudy here?!  Summertime in Michigan is fluffy cloud heaven - but not today.  And....since it's my son's birthday and since I'm lacking any kind of creativity whatsoever, I snapped the sky in the hopes that the faint wisps of cloudness could be seen.

 ....can you see them? they're those little see-through wisps next to the sun.  Those are my clouds today.

Not a single cloud in the sky!!!  WAHOO!!!  For a girl who is sick of bad weather, this couldn't be a more welcome sight!!!


Cindy said...

michigan was hot today. my son had a baseball game and we all were dying with the heat.....where in michigan are you. we are in the grand blanc area.

hugs, cindy

Annette said...

I love this photo challenge - great pictures !
I have my daughter (14) join me and we have so much fun !I will make a mini out of all the pics !!!