Day 25: Citrus

SO....after getting home from a very busy day, playing with kids at the park, and a quick run to the grocery store - I came home to look at what today's phtoto theme would be----and smacked myself in the forehead! {doh!}  Citrus!!!  Then, panic.  Luckily I had a bowl full of these beauties.  My "citrus" shot could have had more variety but Clementines don't need extra company.  They're gorgeous all on their own.

May I present - the most juicy, tangy, delectable Clementines....

is your mouth watering yet?!


Hands Sew Full said...

Yes! Great shot...makes me want to head for the grocery store!

Bastel-Oase said...

Hmmmmm, yam yam nice Pictures. Regards Martina