June is Tomorrow!

June is exciting for many reasons---#1 being that IT'S FLIPPING SUMMERTIME ALREADY!!!  We have had the coldest, most rain-filled spring (not to mention all the sadness with the flooding & tornadoes all about us).  For me, June marks the official end of bitter cold and when the sweat drips off of my face and I feel like I'm dying from heat stroke {eww}, I've got a big grin on my face----because I'm not cold!!!!  {scream!}

Another happy June thing---it's BIRTHDAY WEEK at my house!  Myself and my two boys have birthdays within days of each other - one on the 4th, 6th, and 8th.  {wahoo!}  Talk about going into a sugar coma.  Then school gets out, then we have more company coming because my Love Nugget is graduating his Residency program, and we're going up north for a couple of days.  Bring it on.

AND....{drumroll.....} Our 30-day Photo Fun Challenge starts tomorrow!!!  We've already got a bunch of people joining in the fun, so don't make sure to join us, too.  Seriously---don't have fear.  Only fun.

'kay - back to work.  My psycho baby girl has figured out  how to slide a chair up to the refrigerator water dispenser/ice-shooter-outer.  WHAT THE?!  That's going to be fun.


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Could you do a Mr. linky type thing where we can see everyone's blog pictures?

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Another idea (and you can delete this so it doesn't post if you want) was, I could co-host it with you.. though you don't me very well.. LOL..
I'm not crazy... not all the time at least.. LOL..

Anywho.. if people wanted to post via a linky they could link at my blog..

Just a suggestion.. don't mean to highjack this in any way..


Abby said...

HI! What is Mr. Linky?!

Danielle@A stash Addicts Ramblings said...

we have have a run of birthdays too!

my son on the 31st of may and my mum on the 3rd and sister on the 5th and brother on the 6th! needless to say its a very expensive month lol :)