That's it...I'm moving to Kentucky

First - I am so sorry for the Joplin, MO tornado victms.  The news coverage of the damage is horrific - I just feel so bad.

While all of the storms were hitting certain places, my husband and I were vising beautiful Kentucky so that he could take his Radiology board exams in Louisville.  For the past 6 months, our lives have revolved around nothing but Boards.  To say that it has been excruciating for our entire family for the past few weeks would be an understatement - but it's over now and we'll see if he passed on Saturday.  The stress isn't over yet, but most of it is gone so that's nice.

After his exam, we hopped in the car and drove - and drove and drove through the most breathtaking scenery we have ever seen.  WOW!!!  Fence-lined horse property as far as the eye can see.  I don't have enough words - and I didn't get to stop and take that many pictures - but the ones I did get will always remind me that I want to sell everything I have and buy a horse ranch in Kentucky!!!

These gorgeous Thoroughbreds were out in the pasture at our B&B that we stayed at.

The B&B we visited.  Gorgeous home - gorgeous landscape - horrible breakfast.  Oh, well.

Leaving the B&B down the driveway - seriously didn't want to go!

 Tree-lined back roads

Sunset on the farm.  {ahhhhh...}

One of many horse stables. {sunset again} Everything from the buildings to the grass is beautiful on these ranches.

...now we're back to reality and I can't decide whether to shower, clean the house, or put clothes on the baby.  ....hmmm... 


Donna said...

Thanks for posting these pictures--as a Southerner (Fla. and Tenn.)transplanted to the arid regions of Utah, I desperately miss the GREEN of my childhood. So beautiful.

Jessie K said...

I've always loved Kentucky! But we probably won't ever move there as there are "too many people" according to my South Dakota ranch raised husband!

As for the dilemma, I have the exact same one!! And it's past noon and I'm STILL on the computer!! One of those days, I guess.

MJ said...

I loved your sweet post. We live about 4 miles outside of Joplin and have spent the last 36 hours helping friends attempt to salvage belongings from their homes that have been destroyed. Please keep praying for our sweet little town.

Drew&Samsmom said...

Hey! I'm from Louisville, Ky! It truly is a beautiful state:) I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself!

missliss5/Melissa said...

Oh wow!!!

LOTCP said...

I'm in Louisville too, and live near a gorgeous horse farm, but the ALLERGY season is awful. That's my only complaint :-)

KAT said...

I just adore the sunset photo I love it down there too and I love the Smokey mountains in TN