Halloween Food

I firmly believe that nest feathering involves family traditions. Maybe I'm not the best mom all of the time, but when my kids are grown, they'll be able to approach the Halloween season with feelings of nostalgia and remember our festive table decorations, getting the costumes just right, making crazy Halloween food, pumpkin carving, and campfires out back with dad.

Maybe, just maybe, some of my mistakes as a mom will be wiped out somehow when they look back and remember these good things! (Maybe after the therapy sessions...)

So with that thought, here's our breakfast menu for tomorrow morning! Feel free to join in on our tradition!

Rat Dropping Muffins
Bat Brains
Troll Urine

(Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, Scrambled Eggs with food coloring, Apple Cider) The urine thing is a little extreme, but I honestly can't find anything more suitable for cider, can you?! My kids LOVE this opportunity to be totally disgusting!

For dinner, we're getting together with a bunch of friends before we go trick-or-treating and I'm in charge of bringing soup. So, naturally, I've decided to make Maggot Stew. Any old stew will do, just toss in a few handfuls of orzo pasta or rice and before too long, you've got maggots in your stew! (About 1 c. orzo for 6 servings of stew)
After the fact: THEY LOVED IT! My Halloween breakfast was pretty easy, tasted good, and filled the kids up nicely.


missliss5 said...

Hmmmm....great idea! My kids have late start Wednesday tomorrow, so I just might find the energy to pull that off. Fun idea!

Tisha said...

You are the funnest mom ever!

DeGooyer Family said...

Fun idea! I'll add these to my collection.

Melody said...

You are too cute!
I wish you were my mom. :)

I got your print in the mail this week and they cropped it all wrong. I'm so disappointed. I have to re-order it. I will have it to you soon. Sorry for the wait!!