Mari's Bias Tape Purse with Zipper

I found this amazing set of instructions from one of my favorite blogs - the Purl Bee.

I kind of figured out the general idea of how to make a little zipper bag...but anything with bells, whistles, and (gasp) zippers make me wince like a scared schoolgirl.

HOWEVER...the girls at the Purl Bee did an amazing job of simple instructions and photos for this little bag and I think I'm going to scrounge up some old scraps and make one of these today.

You can use these bags for your sewing room, or I use mine that I bought here in my purse for my lipsticks and cell phone. You can attach a little handle and it's a cute bag for a child to carry pencils, crayons, and those special little treasures.
These would make great little party favors, too, since they're SO easy and can work up fast.

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