Hair Bows

My little one is sporting the "Super Simple" Hair bow featured earlier. She saw all of my ribbons out and wanted to know if I could make one for her to wear with her dress.

Anyway - I've dedicated a section on this site just to hair bows because I have this irritation in the depths of my soul regarding hair bow instructions. You can look all over the internet for HOURS and not find any free instructions! What's the big deal?!

So this is for all of you out there who, like me, just want some basic instructions and don't want to infringe on the hair bow making business!

Girly Things is a webside strictly dedicated to hair bow instructions - go check it out! And if you're interested in some fancy bows and are willing to purchase instructions, then this site is for you.

If you would rather buy your bows than make them, my good friend, Chantel, has an adorable website called Kidcessories Boutique and her prices and styles are the best, in my opinion!

While you're checking out cute hair bows, don't forget to look at the cute Turkey Clippy since Turkey Day is coming!

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