Loopy Bow

FIRST of all, I am SO sorry for the horrible pictures! It is so dark and cloudy outside and since I'm still waiting patiently for my dream studio(hehe), I have to suffer with limited lighting today.

So let's make some more bows then, shall we?!

My only complaint with my finished product here is that I wish I would have done one more loop with the skinny ribbon. But oh well - here's how you do this bow:

(HORRIBLY blurry...) Start with 5 or 6 strips of ribbon like this. It doesn't matter exactly how long they are - but measure if you feel like it.

Then glue each strip together like this.

Next, you're going to wire each set of looops together like this. It can be an incredibly frustating thing to keep the ribbons from overlapping each other, but try....without saying any swear words...

Here's what it should look like all wired together.
Do this exact same thing on your 2nd set of loops and leave yourself plenty of wire so you can wrap this set around the first set.

So attatch the 2nd set of loops to the first set of loops, wire them tight together, and trim the wire in the back and fold over so the rough edges aren't sticking up.
Then with your final loop(s), take a long piece of wire, and secure that loop on top of the other two sets like this picture.

Be sure to hold everything really tight and wrap the wire tightly without breaking it.

Here's what it should look like in the back with your wire all twisted, clipped, and folded down nicely.

Now we're ready for the topper.

Fold a piece of ribbon like this - shaped like an Awareness Ribbon. Then bring one of your tails into the loop and tie a knot.

Glue the knot on the center of the bow and wrap the tails around to the back of the bow. Trim them and wrap them tight - glue in place.
And you're done! You can glue this onto a clip or a baby elastic.

Don't forget to make a matching Ribbon T-Shirt or Onesie!


Julie said...

I just barely got around to trying these. Wow! So easy (time consuming, yes, but easy!)! I love these bows! I made mine a fun green color 1/2" with pink grosgrain 3/8" and dark pink 1/8". They will be so cute with all my girls' summer clothes! Thanks. Yours are the best tutorials I've found out there. I love the step by step pictures!

Jessica said...


I tried these, thanks for posting the instructions! I found your website through a search one time and LOVE it!!! The link above is my first attempt yesterday. I might just have to try those corker ones! :)

Marie Renae said...

what kind of wire do you use???
I'm going to attempt these because I have wanted to learn how to make these forever!!! I am looking to do these with baby elastic..are they like premade headbands?? Sorry so many questions..I get easily confused with craft instructions! haha So far all your tutorials are great for me! :)