SUPER Simple Headband

My daughter is really into headbands right now so here's an EASY one that anybody can make.**

First, cover your headband with ribbon. I used a hot glue gun but you can also use Fabritac - a versatile fabric glue that works on anything. Glue one color first, then the second color if you're using two strands of ribbon.

You don't have to tuck it in around the sides because when it's on the head, you won't see anything but the ribbon. Just tuck the ribbon at the bottoms of the headband like you see in the picture.

Then, with whatever ribbon you're using, secure everything in a circle with your glue.

With a small piece, wrap it around the front of the bow and tighten it in place in the back. Glue one end first and then wrap tightly the other piece around and secure everything down with your glue.
Here's the back:

Here's the front:

Glue the bow on the headband and you're done!

**NOTE: For a baby, instead of wrapping a plastic headband, you'd have to use some stretchy, lacy elastic. Measure the baby's head, giving plenty of slack because you don't want it too tight. Glue the elastic together and glue the bow right where you pieced the elastic together to hide your edges.


missliss5 said...

Cute----I could DO that!

Crystal said...

Abby, I am loving all this bow and headband stuff! To bad NONE of my 3 girls will keep stuff in their hair!

2cleverblog.com said...

are those metal headbands hard to find?

Abby said...

This one was a plastic headband from Wal-Mart.