Free Fonts

If you haven't discovered the treasure trove of free fonts out there, here are two great websites that offer some of my VERY favorite, free fonts. DaFont has many themes and is organized so well. 1001 Free Fonts is another great site, though you do have to sift through a lot of strange fonts to collect the ones you like. These two sites have a lot of seasonal fonts that I love to use during the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

Once you get your fonts in the download que, you'll probably have to go to your Fonts file on your computer hard drive and install them there. If you get stuck, feel free to email me and I can help you out. Otherwise, enjoy browsing the fonts!!!


Amy Cowley said...

Another fun website for free fonts is www.kevinandamanda.com. If you click on the scrapbook link, then scroll down almost to the bottom, there is a link for some fonts. There are some very cute ones in there.

R.M. said...

I'm just discovering your blog, and I've got a favorite font trick for Windows that you or your visitors might find useful.

Having many fonts installed bogs Windows down, so especially on older machines it is better to not have too many installed. But you can use a font without installing it. If you double-click on a font file, it opens a preview where you can see what it looks like. As long as that preview window is open, you can use the font.

If you use the font in something that you save (like a Word document or something like that) and you don't reopen the preview, when you reopen the document, the font will be replaced with some default. But for quicky gift-bag tags or holiday projects, not installing it can be very handy.