Not Enough Time...

I swear - there just isn't enough time, is there? I think that I could get more accomplished if I were to awake early, but I'm not willing to sacrifice precious sleep. So what's a girl to do?

Instead of nest-feathering all week, I chose to read a good book instead! I finally started a project today, but only out of guilt and the desire to rid myself of this bulky box full of parts.

I found the coolest kids' table & chair set at Ikea a few weeks ago and the only hitch is that I have to paint it myself. NO problem, I say to myself. Three weeks later, after kicking the box around in the closet, I'm dragging myself to Home Depot for paint only to discover that because I want a red color to match my boys' room, I have to FIRST apply a gray primer to the entire thing. GRRRREAT. So this "simple" project is going to take me a lot longer than I anticipated.

So this picture shows how far I got today with a 2-year-old "helping" me. He was driving me nuts so bad that I had to pack it up for a while - hopefully returning when he's napping.

Oh, and did I mention that since I'm not busy enough, I decided to potty train the 2-year-old this week? He has no choice in the matter, really, he has to. I am not buying anymore diapers. I'm all done with diapers. He tells me every time he needs a diaper change, therefore he's smart enough to know how to do the deed in flushable fashion.

So day #2 - only 3 wet undies and 2 successful trips to the toilet! Bring on the liquids!


Crystal said...

Sounds like my youngest..Brooke turned 3 the end of April. She too would tell me when she was "soggy". We are finally potty trained as of last month, but it was a LONG road. Good luck!

missliss5 said...

Oy..........I so hate potty training! Good luck and MAYBE I'll potty train Jessica before she is 3???

Pattie said...

Wow its nice to see the mom side of you
I love all the projects you do..