My Halloween Clips!

These clips are just samples because I had some leftover ribbon from all of my ribbon tying today.

We already covered the Korker bow and the bow on top is just the Figure 8 bow with a little Korker spiral in the middle.

I only had one little Korker spiral left over from my other clips only to show you that you can add little bells & whistles before you put the top knot on the bow. If I had more black spirals, I probably would have used them. But you get the idea, right?!

So here's the general idea and you can get as creative as you want.
You make 2 figure 8 loops and wire your spirals in the middle all together.

I wired the bow onto my clip because hot glue tends to come off pretty easily.

The wire should be flat so it doesn't bother your little one's head.

Here is my model again. Like I said before - it's just not the same on him as it would be on a cute little girl - but I wanted to give you a general idea of how CUTE this little bow is!


missliss5 said...

HAHA! I'm sooo thinking you need to save that picture to show his girlfriends when he is 16! What a darling barette and bow, seriously, I love it!

The AZ McMillans said...

These are great! Thanks so much for the tutorials. I am anxious to try my own!

DeGooyer Family said...

These look too easy not to try - thanks!!

yoonie at home said...

That is so cute. Love your blog. Come visit mine.