Howl-o-ween Bingo

Here's a FUN, last-minute Halloween game you can make up real quick and turn into the Halloween Hero!

I downloaded this graphics package for under $5.00 on PC Crafter called "Howl'oween Fun" and quickly made up the game using a Print Master program I've got on my computer. I'm sure you could do up this game in Microsoft Word, using the Table feature - just plug in a graphic into each square of your table.

You'll need about 6-8 different Bingo cards, each with a different character placement. You don't want two alike! I used cardstock, but HEY, if this is last-minute then use what you've got!

Then make "cards" out of all of the characters.

I happen to have a GREAT laminating place down the road that I go to so I had mine laminated real nice so they'll last a good, long while. I definitely suggest you laminate your set if you're going to put the work and materials into the project!


Now you're ready to play! One person (probably Mom or Dad) draws a character from the cauldron and if someone has that character on their card, they put a candy on that space. Keep going until someone has 3 across, down, diagonally, or a full card!


missliss5 said...

CUTE! I love those graphics, I'm going to have to check those out. And my kids would love that bingo game.

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is super fun! I'll be linking to this.

Dolly said...

My four year old will love this game! Thanks for posting it :)

Kendra said...

This is fun! I am always looking for games that will entertain my children while I get something done.

Sharon said...

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