How To Download Fonts

One of our cute readers asked me a GREAT question - How exactly do you download the free fonts from the websites in my previous post? Here is how I download my fonts - maybe some of you will find it useful. If anybody knows of an easier way, by all means let us know!!!

(This is for Windows - not Mac. If you have a Mac, then you'll have to ask a Mac user)

1.) Set up a "New Fonts" folder on your C Drive so it's easy to find. You could put it right in the "C" drive or on the desktop - but make sure it's not in another folder.

So go to "My Computer", Double Click (DC) on "C Drive", Go to File, New, New Folder. Name your folder something like Internet Fonts or New Fonts, but since there is already a Fonts file, don't call it that.

2.) Now that your file folder is set up, go to DaFont website and click on the Download button. Click "Open" and a download window will pop up. On the Left-hand side click on "Extract all files." Then your extraction window will pop up, click "Next" - then click on the Browse button to find your New Fonts folder. Click on "C Drive", then "New Fonts" folder. When you have selected THAT destination, then click "Next", then "Finish." Close the window and move on to your next font.

The reason it will take some extra steps is because the files are compressed so you have to extract them before putting them in your folder. If they weren't compressed, the downloading would go much faster.

3.) When you've got all the fonts you want in your New Fonts folder (or you're just tired of downloading and want to move on) then you'll need to INSTALL your new fonts.

Go to My Computer, DC on C Drive, DC on Windows, DC on Fonts file folder. Go to File, Install New Font.

At this point, your computer will pull up a list of all of those fonts you just extracted. When it's done pulling them up, click on "Select All" and then OK.

Your new fonts should all be installed now and ready to use. To make it easier for next time, clean out your "New Fonts" folder so it's empty for future downloads.

Another cute reader, Amy Cowley, gave us another link to great fonts: http://www.kevinandamanda.com/scrapbook/fonts/freescrapbookfonts/

Go to the very bottom and, if you like all of the fonts, click on "Download All." When the install window pops up, click on "Open." You'll get that same install window and click "Extract All Files." Make sure to Browse for your New Fonts folder to put them in. Click Okay or Next or whatever, and follow Step 3 above for getting them installed in your Fonts file.

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