Tree Bows

Your old Christmas tree is tired. I KNOW these things. She's been there year after year, patiently standing still as you dress her up in her Christmas best. Inside, though, she's secretly wishing to be FABULOUS - so give her what she wants this year.

Below are some simple instructions for pretty bows that will give that tree a big splash of color. Now remember that these bows are going on a pretty, gilittery tree that's already busy enough - these don't have to be perfect. Nobody will notice anything other than how great your tree looks!

Plan on making about 15-20 bows, depending on how big your tree is. You don't want to do so many that it's overpowering and you don't want to do so few that it looks silly.

One spool of thick ribbon should do the whole tree if you use it carefully.

You'll need: wired ribbon, needle nose wire cutters, wire, scissors

It's SO handy if you pre-cut your wires. Make them long enough so you can twist them around your bow and then later your tree branch.

I'm right-handed so I usually start my bow like this with the tail facing my left.
(nevermind the unsightly scab on my left thumb - that's what I get for doing house work.)

Because this ribbon is one-sided (pattern is only on one side), we're going to have to twist it, making sure that the pattern is always exposed.

Give yourself enough ribbon leave a tail, and then twist so the pattern is underneath.

Fold a loop over that twist, holding the twist firmly with your left hand.

Here's what that first twisty loop looks like from the back. You're going to WORK those beautiful fingers!

Then give the ribbon another twist, turning the pattern underneath.

Fold that over the top and you're almost done!

Now scrunch it together, making a bow.

Without letting go, slip your wire over the front and around to the back, twist together to hold the ribbon tight.
Here is where the needle nose pliers come in handy - sometimes you need that extra help in getting the wire to pull tight enough and make that first twist. BE CAREFUL, however, because if your wire isn't very sturdy, the force will break the wire. Just use the pliers to pull it tight and then gently make the first twist. Then you can do a couple more with your fingers.

And because you left enough wire in the back, you can easily put these on your branches.
These bows are quick and easy, not meant to look perfect and professional. They do the trick, they look good, and they're SO much nicer than those nasty pre-tied bows at Wal-Mart!

Now we're going to make another quick and easy bow - the same concept as the Super Simple Hair Bow that I posted earlier.
Start with your ribbon, leaving enough for a tail.

Since this ribbon is sort of double-sided, I don't have to twist it. Just loop it over, making the loop the size you want the bow to be.

Keep making loops on either side until you have it as full as you want it. I did two loops on either side, making the last two loops a little shorter than the first two so there's a little dimension in the bow.

Then scrunch it together like before, making a center point for your wire.

Now I used a white twist tie on this one because I've got about a million of them and I'm going to cover it up anyway.

Now you're going to make a center knot for your bow. Tie your ribbon like this, put one end of your ribbon through the center, and pull. You don't have to pull it tight, just enough to where you have a pretty knot.

Then place the knot on the center of the bow, and tie it around back.

Before your back knot is tied tight, put your tree branch wire on the bow and then pull the back knot tight to secure everything in place.

Fluff up your bow and you've got something pretty for your tired old tree!

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Chanda said...

I LOVE pretty bows. Maybe more than flowers. Hmmm, is it wrong to ask my husband for a bouquet of bows?