Music To Your Ears

Since I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, I've done nothing but prepare for that so I apologize for the lack of creativity lately. HOWEVER! I treated myself to the new Emmy Rossum album on iTunes and I've been working my heart out to her beautiful, soothing music.
I first saw Emmy Rossum in the most recent Phantom of the Opera movie and I LOVED her performance and vocals. I was glad to stumble on this album and I wasn't sure of it at first but it grew on me real quick! It's slow, kind of like Enya, but very different and equally beautiful. In an interview about the album, Emmy explains that her album is not layered with hundreds of other voices - all of the vocals you hear are her own voice, layered to harmonize with herself. It's REALLY cool.

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Wendy Christensen said...

I discovered your site via the Executive Homemaking site and I love all your fun ideas! Thank you - :) ... (It's music for my eyes and creative mind)!!!