Recipe Conversion Charts!

Whatta FIND!!! Well, maybe I'm a little slow in discovering something like this, but I had to share it anyway...

If you're mentally challenged like I am, it's too much work to calculate doubling or tripling a recipe - so here's a GREAT site that does it for you!!! You just enter in the regular amounts, specify if you want the recipe cut in half, doubled, tripled, etc. and it calculates it for you!! (the exclamation marks means that I'm really excited...exclaiming...)


And now here is a site that has all kinds of measuring charts that can come in real handy - like how much is 8 Tablespoons? I'm an idiot and would probably measure 8 Tablespoons the hard way but the chart would tell you that it's simply 1/2 cup. WOW. What would it be like to be able to do this stuff in my head? Well, who cares...I've got this site!


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allison said...

Awesome, fabulous find! Thanks for passing it along! I always end up getting out my Betty Crocker cook-book to do conversions...but they're not all there. Thanks again! I love your site!