Starting a New Strand of Yarn

What happens when you're making a blanket and you run out of yarn?! Well, I'm not an expert but this is how I do it.

Tie a square knot with your old strand and the new strand and keep going.

I'm doing a double-stranded blanket but I'm only out of the one color for now.

Without stitching my knot into my double crochet (dc), I can do one more stitch until the knot is just at the base of my next stitch. Hold it there with your thumb and middle finger.

When the knot is at the base of the stitch, hold it there with your thumb and middle finger and do another dc.

I've done a regular dc over the top of the knot and here are the remaining tails of my strands. I'm just going to hold them down on top of the chain edge of the blanket and I'm going to dc under the chain and over the top of them, blending them in.

After a few stitches, you don't even see where you made the switch!

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