Chenille-look Crochet Blanket

This is my latest project - a chenille looking baby blanket done with the usual double crochet technique. To get this look, I use two strands of yarn - one is a Bernat Softee Baby (very soft) and the other is Bernat Baby Boucle (soft & fuzzy).

When this blanket is done, it will be VERY soft and VERY warm. During the cold winter nights here in Michigan, I put my little guy's crochet blanket on top of his covers and the crochet blanket insulates and traps his body heat. These things are amazing. Sometimes they can be too warm!

To make this blanket you'll need:

3-4 skeins Bernat Baby Boucle-white
3 skeins Bernat Softee Baby-blue
Hook size "K"

Double Crochet Blanket Instructions
Blanket Border Instructions
Starting a New Strand Instructions

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