YUM. That's all I have to say about it. I posted the recipe HERE a while back and just made some more today. Oh, AND...my house smells AMAZING. (Which is a good thing considering the fact that I need to do some serious cleaning...)


Rambling Girl said...

Yummy! I saw that recipe a few weeks ago when I first came upon your page and had to make a copy of it. I have not made it yet but plan on during the holidays. It looked and sounded yummy! I will let you know how my crew liked it.
Look forward to visiting you more often. I had to add your to my long list of blog pages I visit.

Lori said...

That bowl of granola looks so yummy! I have a recipe that I love too but there's always room for more...plus this looks a little different! I might post mine soon too, it's such a perfect time of year for a big bowl of granola! I printed out the recipe to try, thanks for sharing!

Amy Allred said...

Oh, this granola looks so delicious

Anonymous said...

I need to make this. i mean i really NEED to make this!!! Thanks for posting the recipe.

I tagged you!

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