Etsy Favorites

One saving salvation I have in my life is my "Favorites" list on Etsy. (Chanda, you're definitely a fave!) (here's her link) While the kids were flooding the bathroom and killing each other during bath time tonight, I decided to indulge and check out my faves since I had a minute to kill. I guess it's kind of like window-shopping, eh? What would you call it? Maybe cyber-scoping or click-wishing? Anyhoo - here's my little wish list tonight:

Vintage necklace from Raquel Castillo
Oh my gosh - this is amazing. Not everybody will agree with me here, but I would never take this thing off. Okay, well, maybe to shower - but it goes right back on.

Lassiegirl - pinafore made from Ginger Blossom. I could eat the entire Ginger Blossom line and if I had a baby girl, I'd dig up some money for this

I love this bag. It's so fresh and bright!

Obviously I love handbags. This one is by
Pink Lemonade and I LOVE the chandeliers on it!

Oktak coin purse - I love, love, love this shop. I bought some frames like this to show you all how to make a cute purse like this. (I have to cross off more of my to-do list first - oh, and pay attention to my children every now and then)

XS Baggage

I've actually purchased a little purse like this a while back and I STILL love it to death! This shop has all kinds of stuff and continues to be one of my #1 faves.

Okay - I've shared some of mine - what are some of your favorite Etsy finds? There are so many undiscovered treasures there waiting for me!


Chanda said...

Awe - thanks for the shout out!
That necklace is to die for - great finds!

Never A True Aggie said...

Thanks for the cool links. I am just jumping on the Etsy bandwagon and spend far too much time looking at that site. The pinafore is cute, too. My daughter is now at the age when she won't let me dress her in cute stuff, unless the "Cheetah Girls" are wearing it.

Lynaya said...

i have never been on Esty before. I love little girl dresses, I really love crocheted dresses. Etsy has some really cure crochet dresses that I wish I had the patterns for. There were a lot of good ideas to try. Thanks

Lucky Red Hen said...

I sooo want to know where to find the hardware to make coin purses! And, I want you to SHOW me how to make them ;)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Thanks for those amazing links. I love the jewelry at Raquel Castillo's etsy store. That necklace with the branch, nest and bird is gorgeous. I have not been in the shopping mood for a couple months but that left my mouth watering.

Julie said...

Love your faves! How about when the treasures you have been drooling over get bought right out under you!!!! Sadness!!! I just looked at my first page of favorites and all but one are sold. Off to a corner to cry now.

missliss5/Melissa said...

I love all of those darling pictures you posted. Cute stuff!

Lindsay said...

That is the cutest site! I'm in LOVE with vintage anything right now. I would love to flash some of those earrings!

Janelle said...

Hi, lurker here. I have been lusting after that necklace since you posted it. And as your blog suggests your goal is to inspire peole to be more creative - I am tempted to make my own. I am on the prowl for vintage jewelry at my local thrift/antique stores. I'll post and send you the link if I make something soon. I LOVE your site! - Janelle